How the Lunar Lancer is useful

September 19, 2015 by AJ1AJ

People may say the Lunar Lancer is bad but there are still some uses and tricks to use with it.

When you do some difficult shadow towers the Lunar Lancer may not be the best class to choose from but there can still be some uses for this fun-ish character.


When you throw his spear to hit a enemy it can be very useful not just to damage enemies but for many other uses too. If you are in a shadow tower and want to get away from a enemy there will normally be a safe surface to grapple to such as a ceiling. If you "spam" the grappling spear button aimed at a slight angle at the roof you can just make it able to grapple again before you fall out of range. This is a very difficult trick to do butIt can be slow to move around on the ceiling but it can help to run away from any not ranged monster if you are in one of the taller shadow tower rooms. Using jumps along with the grappling spear can also make it act like "extra jumps".

Despite the range limit on the grapple to the spear you can still move faster than walking by using the grapple constantly against the ground infront of you. This can be tiring sometimes so it still wont be very good.

The grappling spear

Ignoring jumps, The Lunar lancer can be used for similar things like the dracolyte in dragon form flying around or in a mount. When the lunar lancer uses is passive "Lunacy", It will change the characters look. Not only that but it also changes the size while the ability is active. Using this you can increase the size of any items that are part of your character (mag rider, boat, mount) until the lunacy runs out. This is kind of funny when you have a massive version of a boat next to a smaller one. When the lunacy runs out of time (if you are using a mount, boat, magrider or wings) the costume will stay as the moon one like the draco stays as the dragon however, The size will change back leaving only a small time to see the increased size object. This also works with any mods you have installed.


If you want to see your spear weapon in more detail there is a option to see that too by using the ability "blessing of the moon". This uses your spear style and magnifies it. This, sadly, does not work with the weapon preview command so it can only be used to see styles you already have in more detail.


I know these tricks may be slightly useless but they add a little more value as a reason to why you should get the character even though you may hear people saying it is a bad class.

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