Shadow Tower Bosses Guide for dummies (Complete!)

September 17, 2015 by huntsmanner

This will be a guide on the bosses of the recently released Shadow Tower update. 

Change Log:

(Update[18/9/15]: Minor edits to words, pics and formatting.)

The newly released Rise of the Shadow Tower update completely replaced the old Shadow Arenas with a progressive Shadow Tower. In this guide we will be going through the characteristics of each boss and from there, derive ways to defeat them.

/*This guide is entirely based on my personal opinion. Therefore, you do not have to do what the guide says word for word.*/


 Firstly, a basic rundown of the tower mechanics:

You will require a Shadow Tower Portal which can be crafted from an Adventurer's Crafting Bench. Etaew's guide covers this fully. You will also need Shadow Keys  and Moon Keys  to enter the tower.

There are currently 2 playable modes in the Shadow Tower: Normal and Hard. The Hard mode is significantly harder than the Normal one, so I suggest completing the Normal tower before even attempting the Hard one. The difficulty can be toggled at the bottom left hand side of the screen.



There are currently 4 levels in a Shadow Tower. These are the bosses as seen when hovering over the portraits:

As the tower is progressive, you will have to defeat the bosses on the lower levels before you can defeat those on the higher levels, a.k.a from bottom up.


For each boss, you will have to fight through 4 normal shadow arena levels before you are able to fight the boss. These shadow arenas may be a 1 Star + a 3 Star Dungeon (image 1), or simply just a 3 Star Dungeon (image 2). You know you have reached the boss room when you see the words Shadow Pinnacle (For normal bosses)(image 3), or Altar of the Moon (For Daughter of the Moon)(image 4).

 (image 1)

 (image 2)

(image 3)

(image 4)




To begin, click on the Spike Walker's portrait, and click on Open to enter. This will use up 1x on Normal and 1x on Hard.

The Spike Walker is a large, spider like boss that shuffles around on 4 legs. Hitting its legs will deal less damage compared to hitting its elevated centre section, where a little guy can be seen controlling the Walker.

The Spike Walker leaves spikes (yea I'm a genius) on all areas of the floor its legs have touched, and these spikes are permanent and deal quite a lot of damage. It has 2 phases that it transits through based on the amount of hitpoints it has left.

Phase 1

In its 1st phase, the Spike Walker has 2 special attacks that it may use: An Area of Effect Attack and a Stamper attack.

(Normal Attack)

(Aoe spikes/shockwave attack. The Spike Walker covers itself up and then releases a shockwave/spikes with massive area-of-effect that deals damage and knocks back.)

(The Stamper Attack deals damage and leaves spikes on the floor.)

Phase 2

When it has about 40-60% of hp left, the Spike Walker transitions into phase 2. It now has 2 more attacks in addition to its phase 1 attacks that it will use: Summoning Minions and a Rolling attack.

(The Shadow Walker will release minions in phase 2. These annoying critters deal damage but have low hp.)

(The Rolling Attack. In phase 2, right after it uses the aoe attack, it will roll towards you. This attack deals damage.)


In the 1st phase, simply avoid the spikes by jumping and try to deal as much damage as possible by hitting its middle portion. When it curls up, try to get away from him before it unleashes its aoe.

In the 2nd phase, avoid the stamper attack and the rolling attack by jumping and dodging with the "Shift" key. When it releases minions, kill them as quickly as possible.

Recommended Classes: Ranged Classes (Shadow Hunter, Fae Trickster and Gunslinger)


The Weeping Prophet level requires 3x for Normal and 1x for Hard.

The Weeping Prophet is a towering humanoid creature that has no legs. *gasp* It has much higher hp compared to the Spike Walker. It also has 2 phases.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 the Weeping Prophet has 2 special attacks: acid spray and summoning minions.

(Normal attack. The Prophet attacks by swinging its tentacles at you.)

(The Acid Spray attack. The Prophet shoots purple acid from its middle eye in all directions. This deals damage.)

(The Prophet summoning eyeball minions. About 10 minions are summoned at once. They are ranged enemies that shoot lasers at you.)

Phase 2

In Phase 2 the Weeping Prophet has 1 additional move, Laser Eyeballs attack.

(The Laser Eyeballs attack. The Prophet throws his 2 large eyeballs on the floor that goes crazy shooting green lasers around the room.)


In Phase 1, jump around to avoid the acid and continuously attack the Prophet until he summons his minions. Try to group the minions together so as to kill them as quickly as possible.

In Phase 2, when the prophet throws down it's eyeballs, jump when the eyeballs are shooting lasers at you.

Recommended Classes: Any


The Pinata God requires 5x for Normal and 2x for Hard.

The Pinata God is the physical materialization of the hate of the pinatas after daily pinata slayings (most of which happened in the PTS). It is a gigantic armoured shadow pinata and has only 1 phase.

The Pinata God has 3 special moves: Confetti Discharge, Summoning Minions, and a Squashing attack.

(The Pinata God.)

(The Confetti Discharge attack. The Pinata God vomits forth torrents of confetti that deals damage.)

(The Pinata God summoning minions. Minions summoned are humanoid pinatas that walk around and attack you. Talk about creepy. Spring, Summer and Autumn Pinatas are melee attackers, while Winter and Shadow Pinatas are ranged attackers.)

(The Squash Attack. The Pinata God raises and slams itself on the ground to deal damage.)


Attack the Pinata whenever you have the chance as it has tons of hp. Jump and dodge the Confetti and Squash attacks and just like the previous bosses, kill the minions as quickly as possible so they won't deal too much damage.

Recommended Classes: A good mixture of Tanks (Boomeranger, Candy Barbarian) for dealing with the minions and high damage dealing classes (Fae Trickster, Tomb Raiser, Dracolyte) for dishing out damage.


The Daughter of the Moon requires 5x for Normal and 3x for Hard.

The Daughter of the Moon (DotM) is a heavily armoured feminine figure wielding a gun, swords, boomerangs and lasers. She has a ridiculously high amount of hitpoints so be ready to fight her for quite a while. (To put things in perspective, teams have spent close to 1 hour to bring her down.) She has 4 phases.

Phase 1

In phase 1, The DotM wields a sword which she uses to deal damage. She has a special attack that launches players into the air.

(The DotM with her sword.)

(The DotM using the launching attack.)

Phase 2

At about 75% hp left, the DotM whips out her gun and starts shooting. In this phase she will only use her gun. There are 2 attacking modes, a spraying rapid fire attack, and a charge shot attack.

(Rapid fire attack. The DotM rapid fires in a ~90 degrees arc that deals damage.)

(The Charged Shot attack. The DotM charges up her gun and releases it to deal terrible terrible damage.)

Phase 3

When The DotM has about 50% hp left, she throws down her gun (which has a mind of its own and keeps on shooting) and charges up her sword. She has one special attack in this form that one-shots players. (This attack will kill you in 1 hit even if you have death-defying vial.)

(The discarded gun that still shoots and deals pretty heavy damage.)

(The DotM charging up her sword.)

(The ultimate move. The DotM will draw a semi circle on the ground and attacks with her sword. If it hits, the player will die, regardless if he has Death-Defying vial or not.)

Phase 4

The last phase of the DotM will make it seem like the end of the world. She will enter this phase when she has about 25% hp left. She discards her sword and will begin spamming toxic gases and lasers all over the place. She has 3 special attacks in this phase.

(The DotM discarding her sword and revealing her final form.)

(The DotM using laser attacks. There are 2 variations of the laser attack. She will either shoot 2 beams in opposite directions, or just one beam targetted at you.)

(The DotM causing cracks in the ground to appear with toxic gases spewing out of them. You will be damaged if you are above them.)

(The DotM throwing and summoning boomerangs. She throws the crescent on her back towards you to deal damage. She also spawns spinning boomerangs on the floor.)


Patience is key in defeating The Daughter of the Moon as she has so many hitpoints. In Phase 1, try to avoid her sword slashes while dealing damage to her. Her special attack just lifts you up and doesn't deal significantly more damage so it's okay to be hit by either if you are tanky.

In Phase 2, try to avoid her charge shots as they deal a lot of damage. When she charges up her weapon and you notice her looking at you, get ready to dodge the shot. Her rapid fire shots are inaccurate and do not deal too much damage.

In Phase 3, get away from her dropped gun as it still attacks you and it can't be destroyed. Her normal sword slashes deal moderate amounts of damage but as soon as you see her drawing the semi-circle on the ground, do run like crazy. 

In Phase 4, dodging is more important than dealing damage due to her attack spamming. Attack her till you see her readying for an attack. Then, jump or dodge out of the way as she unleashes it. It has been tested and proven that it is much easier to dodge out of her laser attacks by dodging to the LEFT. With patience, she will fall.

Recommended Classes: Ranged classes(Shadow Hunter, Fae Trickster and Gunslinger), but especially Fae Trickster for its mobility and damage dealing capabilities.

Aaaand that is all for my Shadow Tower Bosses guide. I hope I have given you enough information that you can use to kick some shadow ass. Do drop a comment if you have anything to ask or have any suggestions for me to further improve the guide.

Written by Simon

IGN: Huntsmanner

 (Check out my other guides on fishing and forging.)

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Worth to mention, that Floor 1 Normal = Uber 1, Floor 2 Normal = Uber 3 etc. Just good to know.