The Lunar Lancer

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Guardians of the Twilight Stratospheres, Lancers accumulate lunar power as they fight, eventually erupting into full Lunatic Mode. They can also call down a blessing from their missing deity, and use Grappling Spear for damage and mobility.

ObtainTop ^

The Lunar Lancer can be purchased from the Trove Store for:

  • 8000 Cubits or
  • 1050 Credits

Or can be unlocked for free with the use of a Class Coin (trade) or Class Coin (no trade).

Lunacy Pack

Outfox opponents as the Lunar Lancer, a moon-blessed fox armed whose swift grappling spear and nimble feet makes every foe under the stars tremble! Race across the land on the back of two unique, fleet-footed fox mounts, dress to thrill with a collection of foxy costumes, and unlock awesome weekly bonuses with two exclusive, mystical tomes.


Buy Lunacy Pack on Trove Store

AbilitiesTop ^




Chance to gain moon power on hit. Gather enough to become infused with the power of the moon. When transformed you will have increased movement speed, 25% reduced damage and a 50% bonus damage 

Grappling Spear


Throw a spear then use again to grapple to it. Each use deals light area damage.

Crescent Combo


Swing your spear in a wide-arc and charge for a second hit. The second hit deals heavy damage and knocks your targets towards the moon

Blessing of the Moon

23-Carat Crusher PTS

Summon a spear from the heavens that increases stability, heals, and adds to the movement speed of all allies. It also damages enemies caught in the area.

CostumesTop ^

Burnished Bronze


Level 10 Lunar Lancer

Level 10

Max Level Lunar Lancer

Level 20

Starter Lunar Lancer

Level 1

Twilight Temperance



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