The Lunar Lancer

September 16, 2015 by Etaew

Guardians of the Twilight Stratospheres, Lancers accumulate lunar power as they fight, eventually erupting into full Lunatic Mode. They can also call down a blessing from their missing deity, and use Grappling Spear for damage and mobility.

ObtainTop ^

The Lunar Lancer can be purchased from the Trove Store for:

  • 8000 Cubits or
  • 1050 Credits

Or can be unlocked for free with the use of a Class Coin (trade) or Class Coin (no trade).

Lunacy Pack

Outfox opponents as the Lunar Lancer, a moon-blessed fox armed whose swift grappling spear and nimble feet makes every foe under the stars tremble! Race across the land on the back of two unique, fleet-footed fox mounts, dress to thrill with a collection of foxy costumes, and unlock awesome weekly bonuses with two exclusive, mystical tomes.


Buy Lunacy Pack on Trove Store

AbilitiesTop ^




Chance to gain moon power on hit. Gather enough to become infused with the power of the moon. When transformed you will have increased movement speed, 25% reduced damage and a 50% bonus damage 

Grappling Spear


Throw a spear then use again to grapple to it. Each use deals light area damage.

Crescent Combo


Swing your spear in a wide-arc and charge for a second hit. The second hit deals heavy damage and knocks your targets towards the moon

Blessing of the Moon

Crown of the Levithan Slayer: Ifera

Summon a spear from the heavens that increases stability, heals, and adds to the movement speed of all allies. It also damages enemies caught in the area.

CostumesTop ^

Burnished Bronze


Level 10 Lunar Lancer

Level 10

Max Level Lunar Lancer

Level 20

Starter Lunar Lancer

Level 1

Twilight Temperance


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This is a manual, not a guide.. "This = Lunar Lancer" is not the same as "Here's how you go about Lunar Lancing" :P

DarkShark Bark posted:

why it say 1.5k creds its 1050 XD 

 Oops, thanks. I had already bought it so it hid the price, and I remembered wrong :) Updated.

why it say 1.5k creds its 1050 XD