Build for Lunar Lancer ( my personal opinion)

September 16, 2015 by Monokai

My own opinion about Lunar Lancer


*First i think lunar lancer is good at tanker, support and damage dealer because of:

 Passive "Lunancy" increase movement speed, attack speed, and attack damage, along with temporarily increasing max health. And while active will give bonus effects to other abilities.

 Ultimate "Blessing of the Moon" increases stability, heals, and adds to the movement speed of all allies and cause damages to enemies were caught in this area.

"Crescent Combo" the second hit deals heavy damage and stuns the enemy for 3 seconds. Having the Passive active will deal more damage and stun the enemy for 6 seconds.

*So here are my sugesstion:

Lunar Lancer need most is Attack Speed to active passive and Energy Regen to use skill Crescent Combo

-Weapon:+Damg Physical

               +Energy Regen

               +Health Regen

               +Attack Speed

-Hat: +Max Health

         +Health Regen

         +% Max Health

         +Attack Speed

-Face: +% Max Health
          +Attack Speed
          +Max Health
          +Health Regen

-Ring: +Damg Physical

           +Energy Regen 

-Allies: Prowling Shadow/ Rapt Berserke

-Flasks: Elysian Bandolier

-Emblems: +Martial Emblem

                   + Vampiric Emblem/ Berserker Emblem


 +Solo: Combining the crescent combo and blessing of the moon can deal immense damage to most targets, especially groups of smaller enemies. Use Grappling Spear to escape or avoid damage. 

 +Team: use Crescent Combo to stunning and ultimate to support your team during boss fights.


Well that's my thought on first day with Lunar Lancer and plan to build it. I also did some research on trovewiki 

Thanks for reading.

P.s: if you don't have enough equip, check for more advise on trovewiki

Hey guy, i got a trick with  "Grappling Spear":

-Throw spear after enemy then use it again, if you hit enemy, you can stun it too!! ( that's what i try and got, tell me if you can't do it) :p

-Use this to move around easy in Medieval Highlands or moving up to those dugeon 3* XD



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