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Shadow Tower Guides

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The Shadow Tower replaces Shadow Arenas and is the new end-game activity introduced in Rise of the Shadow Tower Update. Team up with 7 other adventurers and complete 4 Shadow Arenas and fight a Shadow Titan to earn powerful rewards.

To participate in the Shadow Tower you will need to craft a Shadow Tower Portal from the Adventurer's Crafting Bench. These can be placed in Club Worlds only.

It costs:

Place the Shadow Tower Portal down and interact with it.

Select the lowest floor, you must complete the tower from bottom to top.

Fastest runs are shown on the right, the top 100 players will receive a purple name in global chats.

Select the floor you wish to open and make sure you have enough Shadow Keys:

Enter the portal that is created.

Entering the Shadow Tower takes you to a lobby room with a Class Changer and a Dungeon Portal to progress.

Fight your way through 4 arenas, each with a 1 star quest and a 3 star quest.

After each arena is another lobby room with a:

  • Rejuvenation Station
  • Trading Post
  • Personal Chest
  • Shadowy Market
  • Loot Collector

Each floor can only be completed once per week.


After defeating the Shadow Titan you will receive:

Titan Souls

Titan Souls are rewarded for the first 3 floors of Shadow Towers in increasing amounts.

  • Level 1: Titan Soul x1
  • Level 2: Titan Soul x2
  • Level 3: Titan Soul x3

To spend on the Shadowy Market on:

Lunar Souls

Lunar Soul x1 are rewarded for the final floor of Shadow Towers.

You can spend these on the Shadowy Market:

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