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September 1, 2015 by MysticLugia

Interested in knowing the exact amount of health of every enemy in the game? This Spreadhseet will tell you exactly that! With a short Story on how I went on making this Spreadsheet

Here is the Link! (Its a google doc, so you 'should' be able to see it): Enemy Health Spreadsheet

Here is also a small History behind the making of this List.

Since I started to play more Trove at the change of the Year I was always really interested on how the Health scaled thoughout the different Ubers, enemies and not to mention Shadow Arenas. This for the most Part was however Impossible to achieve: missing damage Numbers.

Months has passed where I wasnt really thinking Much about Enemy Heatlh, with the exception of SD Dreamy's Health (and on how absurdly tanky he was) Until one of the most recent updates went live: Introduction to damage Numbers.

Alone this Implumentation curled my interest on exact helaht numbers again, and as soon as I got a decently enough fae, I started with the research.

My Main experimental phase was to go with my former lvl 34 Fae (is now lvl 36), with a few proper points:

  • Fae deals the most single-target damage per shot on an enemy, resulting in more overkills and MUCH LESS remembering the amount of attacks with lower-damage classes.
  • Blink is an excellent way to not have enemies constantly on your face to alter your damage output when geting hit
  • damage is for the most part fixed "if you're not getting hit" and makes memorizing the amount of hits much less of a problem.
  • Overkills only display the actual amount of health they have(left) making it easier to calculate and in fact, possible to even be able to count their Healthpool

Luckily in the first two difficulties (Novice and Adept) there were nothing more than a total of 8-10 Enemies, which greatly increased my speed of reserch in those areas. At the end of both Areas I wasn't thinking much, I only found out 4 different healthpools including Bosses Healthpools, which raised the question: Will every mob in the game have its own healthpool? or is there some System behind?

This Question was quickly answered as I entered Expert Difficulty:

With the addon of the missing Biomes that were gone in Adept and Novice (both only have highlands/frigga's Fjord and Undead) I was able to check every Other enemies health, and instantly found out that tere is only one Main Health Pool, in which every other Health Type is multiplicated to a higher, or lower amount. So I compared the higher and lower health pool from normal mobs and noticed that everything is multiplicated from the higher, way more prominent Healthpool, which I promptly labeled as "healthy Type" Which has a good 80% of the existing enemies in trove.

After dozens of attacks, Blinks, potion-using and calculations came the fun part: Shadow Arenas, Shadow Dungeons and Radiant Giants..

Those three parts together where the most time-consuming tasks than the rest of the calculations together:

I only did U1 SA and SDs and only went to U2 and U3 to confirm the multiplicator, but not getting hit with the amount of traps, and, not to mention some bad rolls with the stage-hazards (I'm looking at you, lava!) proofed to be a more difficult tas than I imagined. It took me around 3-5 retries in Sa's and around 10 retries in shadow Dungeons to get the health-multiplicators right. Especially counting enemy health from normal Mobs was pure Pain since enemies in SA's are almost permanently aggressive towards you for some reason, making it almost impossible to get them healed up if you accidentally hit the wrong guy.

I had to carefully pick out one enemy after another to get to their healthpool, but eventually I did it somehow. easier were mobs from SD's and bosses and Dreamy in SA's. Dreamy in SD was a pain to calculate: I had to get really lucky to not get an area that has lava hazards, and a place where I can safely attack him from afar without him hitting me. Not to mention him not getting the Tanky, Healing and Fiery Buff as well...

Then came the nightmare: Radiant Giants

I still remember very closely on why it took me a few dozen retries: Size, Health, miscountings and Watchers.

I was actually streaming when I tried to finish the list with the Radiant Giants health, but I forgot to put myself into DND and offline mode, So i sometimes had 1-2 watchers following me, thinking we were farming Giants while I tried to calculate their health.. It took me a few retries until I actually got them to understand I was making a spreadsheet, but my Potions were gone, and so the task on getting their health went even slower.

To put things short: after FINALLY getting their right health, I had to try at least 10 times, excluding de-aggroing them so they reheal. I still have my sheath of paper counting the shots of my fae: without double damage potion I dealt 25028 damage with passive up and I had to hit a single Non-Tanky Radiant Giant, that I securely put in a small box so he doesnt fall off a cliff or changed aggro and run away or the worst: hit me, a whopping 121 times with the full damage while the last hit dealt 5612 Damage, resulting in the 3.034.000 Health they actually have.

I hope you guys Enjoy the spreadsheet and that this also helps you in some way! I am currently thinking of a way to calculate enemy damage too, and I will post my results in this spreadsheet on a different tab!

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