Flasks and Emblems

August 21, 2015 by Etaew


Flasks and Emblems are just what the doctor ordered! Flasks are brimming with sweet ambrosia that will boost your health when you’re feeling low. Equip a Flask on your Character screen (C), and press Q whenever you want to drink the healing elixir. There are a variety of Flasks to choose from, so let’s take a closer look.

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Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a battle-hardened defender of the light, every Trovian can use a boost from time to time.

Elysian Flask
This is the Flask every Trovian has equipped when first beginning their adventures. It heals 40% of your health and carries 8 charges. Once a charge is used, you can fill up again at any Rejuvenation Station.


Balanced Elysian Flask
Upgrade to the Balanced Elysian Flask, and receive four more refills than the standard Elysian Flask. While this Flask also heals for 40% of your health, it comes with a 12 Flask capacity, allowing you to stay in the fight even longer!



Elysian Bandolier
Each Flask in the Elysian Bandolier heals 20% of your Trovian’s health. While this is a smaller heal than the other Flasks, the Bandolier carries a whopping 18 refillable Flasks. With 18 flasks at your disposal, you can use them more often with little fear of running out. As with our other Flasks, if you do run out of refills, stop by a Rejuvenation Station to get topped off.



Elysian Jug
The Elysian Jug is a juggernaut of a Flask. Each use fills up 100% of your health, so this is a great choice for players who love to rush headlong into battle. You can take a trouncing and come out unscathed with the Elysian Jug.



Death-Defying Vial
The Death-Defying Vial is a different type of Flask. While other Flasks need to be triggered by pressing Q, this Flask will kick in automatically when you get below 30% health. This is the perfect Flask for players who may miss a clutch heal from time to time.


Emblems are also equipped via the Character menu (C), but they give bonuses that kick in whenever you consume a Flask. Equip up to two Emblems at once to mix and match bonuses that work best for your play style. Heal nearby players, summon allies to fight by your side, push enemies away, or more!

Flasks and Emblems can be purchased from the Trove Store (N) using Cubits (in game currency) or Credits.

Find Rejuvenation Stations in the Hub, at your Cornerstone, in your Club World, or where you first drop in on Adventure Worlds. Make sure to keep them topped off, and they’ll do the same for you.

Adventure well, champions!

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