Trading Safely In Trove

August 19, 2015 by [Deleted User]

A guide on how to trade safely in Trove and what to do after getting scammed

As of Frosted Mini Update

In-Game Name: Artorius

Common In-Game Trading Locations

Hub's Trading Post: Safest way to trade items in the game, indestructible trading post. It's at the right of the spawn.

Be warned: Scamming still possible by other means.


Club World's Trading Post: Risky for trading because of the exploit unless the trader is only a member or visitor and that they are alone with you then you can trade safely. (Even then, someone who can destroy the trading post could do the exploit right after going to the club world.

Cornerstone's Trading Post: Risky for trading because of the exploit unless the cornerstone's owner is not at trading location.

How to proceed the negociations

First, you will need somewhere to advertise your deal or find one. Mainly, people use the chat.

Please do not spam in those chats as it might get you reported.

WTB: Want to Buy

WTS: Want to Sell

WTT: Want to Trade (Another item for another item, for example: 2 Neon Dragon Souls for 1 Dragon Coin)

  1. Global Chat: Type "/1" (without quotation marks) to join the Global chat
  2. World Chat: Type "/2" (without quotation marks) to join the World chat (The world you're currently in, type "who" to see who's in that world)
  3. Trade Chat: Type "/join trade" (without quotation marks) to join the Trade chat

The Trade Chat: Used alot for trade and it is where you want to advertise or find a offer. Sending offers each 1 min is good enough for people to see it.

The World Chat: Good way to advertise your deals time to time or find one, spamming won't attract more customers since people will either be interested or not.

The Global Chat: Some people (newbies) use this chat for trade, but it's a bad idea since this chat is not made for trade and traders on this chat might receive some backlash for doing that, use this chat for finding one's deal.

Then, after you see a good offer and want to buy, type "/w playername" (for example: /w Artorius) then type that you want to buy an item he sells. After he replies you can do "/r" to type easily back.

You can try to bargain, and if you're not interested anymore you can tell him nty (no thank you) to refuse politely.

Always try to be nice, because he can refuse selling an item to you for this reason and this will stain future deals with him and you.

How to proceed a deal

Always take your time to trade, rushing a trade is the best way to get scammed.

Follow this procedure closely as doing otherwise presents a risk of getting scammed.

  1. Hold H to go to the Hub
  2. Either the trader or you invites to the Hub
  3. Go to the Trading Post, click on his name and click trade (Bug: clicking trade at the same time causes it to close).
  4. Put items to trade by right clicking them (Default: Control Button+Right Click to place a chosen quantity).
  5. Wait for the trader to put items.
  6. Mouse over the items to see if they're genuine. ALWAYS DO THIS, pay attention of the trade or you might get scammed.
  7. Click accept a few times to trade the items if you accept the current offer

Trading outside Trove

Never ever trade outside Trove, there are scams like this for every game. Why trade elsewhere when you can already trade in-game?

Some websites sells in-game items for real money and this breaks TrionWorlds' terms of use, which might get the seller banned along with the buyer.

Unless Trion Worlds endorsed a website for trading and that claim can be verified, the website will most likely scam the buyers and Trion Worlds will hold no responsibility for it.

What to do when you get scammed

Get immediately a screenshot of the scam and the chat of how he tried to scam and describe the time of when it occured. This will help the people behind support.

(Since scamming is not tolerated in Trove. More in:

  1. Send a support ticket to Trion Worlds at, the issue here is "Code of Conduct Violations".
  2. Fill email address, Subject, Description, Product (Trove), Report a Player (Scamming).
  3. Drop some relevant attachements if needed.
  4. Submit.


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