Mastery for Dummies

August 18, 2015 by [Deleted User]

 Hello there! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Jackson (or in Trove I'm known as NumbahJuan) and I'm a farely newer player to Trove. Today I have sweet and simple guide on ways to gain mastery very quickly on your account in the game that we all love. Mastery seems to be a very difficult and exquisite thing that is very hard to work on. Well, you're in luck, because I have a great guide today on how to speed right through it. Shall we get started?

  The easiest way for me to explain this to you is to put it in step by step instructions, as it will make you have a goal at a certain time in the game. Here we go;

Step 1: Level your classes! This may seem like a very boring and not required step, but leveling each character to the max will give you TONS of mastery points to level up. Each character can give about 3 - 4 mastery levels each, and with all these knew classes coming up that's a lot of mastery just waiting!


Step 2: Styles and Recipes. It's a very general step that you will be completeing while just playing the game. Each style that you deconstruct will give 1 mastery point, and there are around 2,000 styles in the game right now! Not only that, but Trove constantly adds new styles each week for even more Mastery points! As for recipes, you can find recipe dungeons by looking on the map in an Adventure Portal for a scroll. You go to that dungeon and you kill the boss then you'll get a recipe with a name depending on what biome you found the dungeon in (example: Highlands recipe found in the Highlands Biome). Each recipe will award 2 mastery points, and just like styles, there are tons of recipes that can be consumed for more and more mastery! You can also join the recipe channel at /join recipe and there will be people that will call out when they're next to a recipe dungeon. All you have to do is ask for an invite, that simple!


Step 3: Ally Soul Traps. In the Treasure Isles biome, or basically the ocean, you'll sometimes come across a ship with a face and a pirate hat on the Sail. This is the merchant, he can sell a variety of items such as mounts, sails, pearls of wisdoms and allies! Most things you purchase from him you buy in Glim, but pearls you can buy in flux. What you should look for is the soultrap vendor (it can be cat, raptor, buddie bot or a quebesly soultrap) and that will give you an ally once you open it. They cost 300 glim each, and each different ally you get and consume, you'll get HUGE mastery points depending on the rariety of the ally you got. They can be difficult to find, but keep searching those ships until you find what you need.


Step 4: Gardening and Ring Crafting. You'll want to try and max each one of these professions as they will award I think 50 or 25 mastery points each level, not sure which one. The max you can get is 250 in each profession, and each time you get 50 more levels you get the mastery points for reward. It'll take WAY to much time to explain how to finish them quickly, but I'm positive there is a guide or youtube video for each one. 


Step 5: Rune Crafting. This is another professional in the game, and definitely the most expensive! To be able to do this professional you'll have to beable to enter the Sky World, which will require Level 20 in gear or in experience. Rune Crafting is all about mastery points because each object you craft is either a recipe or a style in the first few categories of levels. It takes a lot of farming and time to beable to make the materials to complete, but it's totally worth it!


Step 6: Challenges. Once you've reached mastery level 30, you'll see a square pop up in the top right hand corner of your screen every hour. This is the challenge, and I'm not going to go into very much detail on how it works, but if you complete many challenges you'll earn many items that'll give mounts and other rewards that'll earn you very much mastery! 


Step 7: Flasks & Emblems. Once you've used all your cubits to max all the classes, you'll want to start buying all the flasks & emblems in the store. Each one you buy awards you mastery, and since there is so many of them, its a great amount of mastery points. 


Step 8: Costumes, Mag Riders and Mounts. You'll want to purchase either in the store or from other players as many of these as you can. Not only can you purchase them, but you can also craft them or collect them from playing the game in adventure boxes or just loot! Each one of these awards so much mastery, but it takes time. 


Step 9: Fishing and Rare Styles. If you haven't tried to fish before, you should start now as fishing is just screaming mastery. You'll want to try and collect the rare fishies as they reward the most mastery points once you deconstruct them. As for the rare styles, these include Radiant Styles, Shadow Styles, Repledescent Styles etc. They're very hard to collect as you'll need to be more at the end-game stage of your Trove life to attempt to get them.


Step 10: Badges and Finishing Off Other Steps. You'll want to try and collect as many of the badges as you can as they will give mastery. There are different levels of badges each awarding more and more of mastery, and if you're willing to try and max each badge it's totally worth it. And my second part of this step requires getting the harder to get mounts, styles or just more rare items to get mastery. This requires doing Shadow Arena to acquire Heart of Darkness to get the Rare allies and mounts that it posseses in the Shadow Market. 

 I thank you for reading my guide, and I really hope it pleases the needs to maybe win one this giveaway!

- IGN: NumbahJuan, Good day my fellow friends. 





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