Gearing your Magic Based Character (GamesCon Entry)

August 16, 2015 by [Deleted User]

I will be showing you a detailed description of an experienced players rolls, and gear setup for late game high uber dungeons and arenas.

Hey guys, my name is Sihxr. I am an Ice Sage main almost max mastery. I have over 100 hours combat logged in shadow arena, and over 30 rounds of U5 shadow arena SOLO. I want to explain what I have found to be the best methods for gearing your Magic Class.

1.) JUMP is useless 90% of the time.

- At higher level mastery (50-100+) Get rid of your jump rolls, I know jump is fun but you only need about 6-7 jumps to effectively travel through dungeons.
- If you take jump rolls you are sacrificing so many key stats that could help your clear speed.

2.) What are the ideal rolls for my gear?

- It depends on the specific class to a point but... For the Hat I like to focus on..

  • Slot 1 - Static Max Health Rolls
  • Slot 2 - Health Regen
  • Slot 3 - %Max Health Bonus
  • Slot 4 - Attack Speed 

+The attack speed is somewhat optional, but most classes benefit from attack speed so this roll can be very very usefull.

(If you set you're hat up like this the chances of your death go down to very very slim. Obviously careless gameplay can lead to your death so there is always a skill factor involved.)

3.) What about my Magic Weapon?

Here is a picture of what I consider to a prefered *magic weapon in trove, besides the fact that you can make the level requirment 1, which I am working on. 


- The rolls are the ideal rolls for each  magic based class, optional to have attack speed for Fae Trickster. This will work for anything magic based once agian.. The survivability from the health regen and max health stacks with your hat and your mask and can get you anywhere from 25-40k or so health when you are at late game.

- The Magic damage and energy regen is a MUST HAVE. This will give you the potential to dish out skills with high energy costs constantly and will make your clear speed twice as fast as before.

- Lets re-up on the fact that survivability is key. Staying alive is better than doing more damage. BUT not doing enough damage is just as bad if not worse. So make sure you have those energy regen rolls and magic damage.

4.) and what about my Mask?

  • Max health
  • Health Regen
  • Magic Damage
  • Attack Speed

The same rules apply to this item as your weapon, unlike the hat where you cannot get magic damage rolls , you can on the mask and weapon, so magic damage is a MUST have on these two item slots.


5.) Useless rolls

Agian, jump is a useless roll late game, you can use it when you are just starting as it can be annoying getting to places, but after your level 20 on your class and above mastery 50 or so, remove the jump roll from your kit.

Movement speed is a meh type of roll... Agruable that it can be used to dodge enemy skillshots and attacks but there are other rolls that suffice equal oppourtunity and if not better outcomes.

These 2 rolls are mainly preference vs effectiveness. 


Ending. I hope you guys enjoyed this guide, I have helped countless players ingame already with this setup and they have shown amazing results, hopefully this works for you aswell.


This guide was an entry for the player Sihxr, gamescon carpet giveaway.

If you have any questions you can contact me in game, or on Twitter @Sihxr. I am a league of legends content creator( and long time gaming nerd. I believe my methods to be the best and top tier for this game. Agian I hope this helps you out and maybe we will see more from me in the future =)

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[Deleted User]

I drastically disagree with jump being useless. Especially when doing challenges where you can literally just jump up to the top of a dungeon and kill the boss without having to navigate through the actual dungeon itself. It's also useful to dodge and let your health recover in emergency situations. In more than a few occassions having a high amount of jumps let me survive in situations when I would have died. Furthermore, for some classes such as fae trickster, multiple jumps lets them continue to pound enemies with high powered basic attacks from complete safety.