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August 16, 2015 by [Deleted User]

This guide contains tips on safe trading and making sure you dont get scammed.

Hello everyone, my name is Bradley Anderson-Smith and today i will tell you my top tips for making sure you get the best out of your trades and how to make sure your trades are safe.


Trading is a big part of trove, if you need a new weapon or item but just dont have the resources to craft them then you could ask around to see if anyone is willing to trade said items for some of your own which they need. This has come in handy for me on many occasions such as when i didn't have enough wild cupcakes to make my first mag rider. Trading isn't all about resources though, you can trade unique items with someone if they are just not your kind of thing or you can ask if someone is willing to trade some items for some of your items for those wings you have always wanted.


You can trade items at a trading post which can be found in every hub world near the community chest [DO NOT USE THE COMMUNITY CHEST FOR TRADING AS YOU CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT PEOPLE WILL GO THROUGH WITH THEIR PART OF THE TRADE AND THEY MIGHT JUST TAKE YOUR ITEM OR ITEMS AND LEAVE] or can be crafted using 5 golden souls, 150 infinium ore and 300 shapestone at the builders crafting bench under the interactive tab and kind of looks like a little 1x1 house. Trading posts can also be fund at outposts of light [Found in the Peacfull Hills, the Outpost of Light is a unique structure that can be found in Adventure Worlds. The Outpost of Light is a basic building that contains a portal to the spawn point of the world, the Rally Blade, a Rejuvenation Station, and a Trading Post, should you need one whilst adventuring]. wiki source for outpost of light here.


However, trading can have its dark side. People can try to scam you out of your items. People can try to give you less than what you aggreed. Trading can be a dangeous buissness indeed.


Here are my top 6 tips to staying safe and making sure you get the most out of trading.

Number 1, NEVER trade by dropping your items and letting the other player pick them up, this is not a secure method and allows for other players to scam you. If they won't agree to trade at a trading post, do not agree to trade with that player.

Number 2, ALWAYS make sure that the other player has the aggreed trading items as there was an exploit where players can lose their items mid trade if someone breaks the trading post mid trade and i dont know if it has been patched yet or not so unless you know that the other player has the items please use the indestructible trading post in the hub and.

Number 3, If you are planning on trading some end game items, consider their rarity and difficulty to find so you can think of a suitable price that would match that item [my favourite way is to look at the trove wiki as it displays every items' value in flux].

Number 4, DO NOT accept I.O.Us as the player may say 'if you give me that item i will give you yours when i have it' but you cannot guarantee that they will.

Number 5, Don't spam trade requests in the chat as this annoys people a lot [i know it annoys me] and lessens your chances of finding a successful business partner.


And finally, Number 6, Make sure that if you are scammed or someone pulls of the broken trading post exploit to report them here.


And now you know how to trade in trove safely whilst also having fun doing it.


Stay safe fellow Trovians.




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