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August 16, 2015 by MyKanye
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Creating your own Club world isnt really expensive itself, expanding one is the money sink. 

It requires from you:

So go to your Builder's Crafting Bench and simply craft a Club Card



You can Set your Club's name and enter into club world after Clicking "P" (defaulty) and selecting your World.

Club menu

You can be assigned up to 5 different Club Worlds




In your Club World:

  • You can destroy almost all of blocks that you can see
  • Nobody without your permission can destroy blocks or plants
  • You can build whatever
  • You CAN'T set your cornerstone
  • You can collect props from people and climb the top 5
  • You can use your Club World as a place to lvl up your gardening
  • You can fish
  • People can enter your Club World anytime using /joinworld command
  • You can expand your Club World as much as you want
  • There are no mobs in Club Worlds
  • You can have two Club World chests that you can store your items in


Unique to club world


So first thing that you can do after creating your club world is to add its name to your nick.
You can do that by clicking little flag before its name in Club World menu




But when it comes to items you are able to craft and place Sky realm portal and store chests that are unique to Club Worlds

There are 3 kinds of chests

The Community Chest It's the same chest that is in Hub World witch mean that ANYBODY can store and take anything that is inside even if they are not a member of your Club. [20 slots]

The Club Chest , Same as above BUT this time only Club members can get into interaction and i has more space [40 slots]

The Club Officer Chest Same space as Club chest but only Officers can have access to it [40 slots]

Chests share the space with other chests of their kind, so you wont have unlimited store space by creating 50 officer chests

Sky Realm portal is placeable only in Club Worlds and World you enter using it is unique for you and your club members. In other words you will not see random players in there.



Ranks define what player can do in the club

Leader - Original former of the Club and anybody who is promoted by leader to this rank

  • Leader can do everything including kicking other leader out of the club, so beware.

Officer - Second in hierarchy

  • Kicking, inviting and promoting people
  • Access to officer chest
  • everything below this rank

Architects - Players at this rank are able to build in the club world

  • Building
  • everything below this rank

Members - Lowest rank but this is enough to take advantages of being in club world

  • Access to portals
  • Access to all crafting benches
  • Access to Club Chest



At the beginning you have only one small island, but through Worldspring Bench you can add more biomes to it

List of current Club world biomes:

  • Candoria
  • Volcanic Fields
  • Uncanny Valley
  • Desert Frontier
  • Medieval Highlands
  • Frigga's Fjord
  • Treasure Isles
  • Neon City
  • Peaceful Hills
  • Peaceful Field
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Sea of Deep Regret
  • Sea of Tranquility
  • Permafrost

These all are names of Terraformers with are items that you craft and use to expand your World, all of them and their crafting recipe you can find at here

How to use Terraformer item:

-put it in your hotbar (R or T keys)
-aim your camera to where you want your new biome to be (it need to be Sea of Regret)
-hold your R or T key and wait for it


-Your new biome will "eat" a pretty good chunk of your current biome and everything with it, so collect your items that are near you.
aslo Think twice where you want to put a new biome because this proces is irreversible



It is good to know your club world commands,

  • /who - you can see who beside you is in this world
  • /getworldid - Get the "worldID" for the world you are currently in
  • /joinworld ID - Join the world with the specified ID. eg /joinworld 6629
  • /club -  Lists all club commands 
  • /club Invite Username Clubname - Invite a player to the club
  • /club list - Shows all current members of a club
  • /club leave Clubname - Leave a club (club will vanish if you were the only member)
  • /club promote Username - Grant a player in your club higher rights
  • /club demote Username - De-Rank a player in the club
  • /club kick Username - Remove a player from the club
  • /club makeprimary - NA
  • /club disband - Disbands the club
  • /zonerestrict - restrict your current zone to member+, architect+, or officer+. Requires officer privileges to use

*source from Etaew commands guide, check out for more



Here we have our Top 5 in Hub

Top 5


This is Homeworld Heart, we can use it to give a point to Club World that owns it and set it in Club World ranking



You can see how big Club Worlds can be

Voxel Busters



If you're not a member of a club you wont have a premission to use some of the staff like Portals from U2 to Sky Realm and most of the crafting benches

Voxel Busters



You can teleport to other club members by clicking on a little arrow next to their name


Process of creating a new biome, Fire indicators are not 100% accurate and created land will be bigger

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