Effectively Using In-Game Chat (custom channels, joining/leaving channels)

August 16, 2015 by [Deleted User]
  • Effectively Using In-Game Chat (custom channels, joining/leaving channels)

How to use chat funtions more effective. 

/1 is Global chat. You can use this to ask people about help or tips. 

For example, you can ask people to tell you where can you find ores or ask someone to invite you to Uber 5 when you don't have a portal. It's can be used to selling but I don't recommend doing that. 

/2 is a World chat. So when you go in a portal or teleport to a friend, you will be in a different world. Trove has hundreds of worlds running at the same time so nobody takes others' dungeons. So when you found something good and you wanted to share with your friends in that world, you can type /2 (space) and tell them like "I found ores, shadow arena". 

Small tips: I usually use /2 to talk with friends in shadow arena, because when I have a full group of friend for shadow arena but I talk with them in Global chat, other players who need shadow arena will spam friend requests or messages to me. But if you missing teammates, please invite other players to shadow arena. 

/join is join or create a channel. If you are already in the target channel, it sets your chat mode to send messages into the channel instead. /join <channelName> .

/leave is leave a channel. It has a reverse funtion as /join. You can type "/leave trade" to leave trade market 

/say is send a message to players that are within 40 blocks of range. You can type /s for shortcut of /say funtion 

/whisper or /tell are send a private message to another player; user must be online to receive messages. You can type /w or /t then player's name then text. Example, /w Trover Hi, how are you.

/c1 or /c2 ... or /c5 is chat in Club chat. so you can click P to see the order of your clubs. If you want to send a message to Club 1, just type /c1 <text>. For example, /c1 hi guys, pinata party at the club.

/reply is reply to another player. If someone messaged you in light purple text, that means it's a private chat. It usually appears in trading, if you want to buy saw a offer of the item you need in trading channel, you can right click on that seller's name and choose whisper and tell him or her what you want. That player will reply you using /reply or /r. For example, a person messaged you like this "hi, can I buy your ring". Then you can type "/r Yes, i'll invite you". 

/join trade. to join the trade market buy, sell, and trade items. when you joined a market, there will be a line in chat like "3.trade". It means channel 3 is trade channel, so you can just type /3 to chat in trade channel. Sometimes it can be "4.trade", that means channel 4 is trading channel.  

Tips: WTB is want to buy, WTS is want to sell, WTT is want to trade, PC is price check

/join price. Accesses the price chat for price checking.

/join sa. Accesses the Shadow Arena (SA) chat to look for groups fighting SA's.

/join sky. Accesses the Sky channel to set up groups to farm the Sky Realm for Radiant Giants, Radiant Shards, and Crystallized Clouds.

/join fish.Accesses the fishing chat to find people to fish with. This is useful for getting help catching rare fish. This is for fun, you can create a fun zone to fishing with your friend and share you achievements. 

/join adventure. Accesses the adventure chat to find players and make groups to go out on adventures in Adventure Portals.

/join sunlight. Accesses to sunlight bulb farming chat.Useful for finding groups that farm sunlight bulb and teleport to giant sunflower structures with bulbs growing over them. You can use sunlight bulb in gardening. 

/join challenge. Accesses to a big group that is doing the current challenge so you can finish your challenges faster and earn more caches. 

/join build. Accesses to a chat for builders. Useful to share your builds with other builders or to assemble a build team.

/join club. Accesses to the club chat which is great for club recruitment or if your looking to join a club. 

/join music. Accesses to a chat for the musicians of Trove to share their latest songs or to help teach others how to make some music in Trove.

/join reddit. Accesses to a chat for people from the Trove subreddit. 

/join friendship. Accesses to a chat for people who want to make friends. But, be careful for scams, many people try to take your password or other information. 

/join francais. Accesses to a chat for french speaking people.

/join espanol. Accesses to a chat for spanish speaking people. 


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