Troves Guide to Gear (Obtaining, Stats and Upgrading)

August 14, 2015 by [Deleted User]

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining the best gear, upgrading it, and getting the stats you desire.

Obtaining Gear

To start off we will talk about obtaining gear, we will only be focusing on Shadow level gear as lower quality gear isn't worth upgrading.

Shadow level 1 items have a low chance to drop in the Uber worlds 1-6 and Shadow Arenas, you have a higher chance in Uber 2 than Uber 1 and so forth.

Shadow level 2 items can drop from Uber 6 worlds although a low chance it is possible. Higher level Shadow items can be dropped if you have Magic Find, which can be increased by having it on gear, or through the Patron system.

Shadow level rings are also obtainable from the max level Ringcrafting boxes, although very rare.


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Beginning with stats we will talk about how many stats you can have, what stats you can have, and in which slot they can be. All items will only have 3 stats to start with(not including rings), Adding a fourth stat will come in the next section.

Starting with weapons on the first stat, this will always be

  • Magic Damage
  • Physical damage

dependant on your class.

The second stat can be either

  • Attack Speed
  • Movement Speed
  • Energy Regen
  • Max Health.

On the third stat can be

  • Knockback
  • Stability
  • Health Regen
  • Jump

and on the fourth stat can be anything from the second stat but not duplicate.

Hats and Faces are the same as Weapons just with different stats.

The first stat will always be Health.

The second stat can be either

  • Attack Speed
  • Health Regen
  • Movement Speed.

The third stat is different for faces/hats so i will split them here.


  • Lasermancy
  • Magic Find
  • Jump
  • % Max Health
  • Stability


  • Magic Damage
  • Stability
  • Jump
  • % Max Health
  • Physical Damage

The fourth stat can be anything from the second stat but not duplicate.

Upgrading Gear

Now that you most likely have some Shadow gear with you, we can talk about upgrading it and getting the right stats. All of our upgrading will take place in the 3 forges, Chaos Forge, Enchanted Forge and Forge.


Starting with the Enchanted Forge, there are 3 options to switch with that require different items and do different things. The first option will be Pearl of Wisdom, this will add a fourth stat to your item, if you already have a fourth stat on your item, it will add the pearl to a random stat, increasing it further. There is a limit of 2 pearls per stat which is 8 pearls in total.

The second option is Twinkling Tome, this will reduce the required level to equip the item and can be upgraded to be used at level 1, this is only helpful when levelling a new class.

The third option is Radiant Aura. This option can only be applied to Radiant weapons, at the cost of 75 Flux it will randomize the effect on your weapon, such as lightning, fire, ice, shadow etc.


The next forge we use is the Chaos Forge, this requires 10 Flux and 1 Tentacle of Q'bthulhu to randomize the third and fourth stat on your gear. The first and second stat on gear cannot be changed, this is why you want to find gear that has the stats you want on the first two slots.


The final forge is the regular Forge, at the cost of Eye of Q'bthulhu and Flux, you can upgrade your gear from Shadow level 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - Radiant. The way gear is upgraded is by the stars shown at the top of the item, once you have upgraded the item to 5 stars the next upgrade will take the item to the next Shadow level.

Shadow level 1

1 Star = 10 Eyes + 75 Flux
Level 1 - 2 = 50 Eyes + 500 Flux

Total = 100 Eyes + 875 Flux = ~1375 Trade Value
Shadow level 2

1 Star = 15 Eyes + 150 Flux
Level 2 - 3 = 2 Twice-Forged Shadow Souls

Total = 75 Eyes + 750 Flux + 2 Twice-Forged = ~5250 (~4.3k Trade Value)
Shadow level 3

1 Star = 30 Eyes + 250 Flux
Level 3 - 4 = 2 Thrice-Forged Shadow Souls

Total = 150 Eyes + 1250 Flux + 2 Thrice-Forged = ~17,750 (~14.9k Trade Value)
Shadow level 4

1 Star = 50 Eyes + 400 Flux
Level 4 - 5 = 2 Quad-Forged Shadow Souls

Total = 250 Eyes + 2k Flux + 2 Quad-Forged = ~56.5k (~50,150 Trade Value)
Shadow level 5

1 Star = 60 Eyes + 500 Flux
Level 5 - Radiant = 3 Penta-Forged Shadow Souls + 3 Purifying Dragon Flame

Total = 300 Eyes + 2500 Flux + 3 Penta-Forged + 3 Dragon Flame = ~240,650 (~150.8k Trade Value)

Radiant level

1 Star = 70 Eyes + 1000 Flux + Purifying Dragon Flame

Max level Radiant = ~266.9k (~177,050 Trade Value)
Trade Values

Dragon Flame = ~3,550 Flux
Twice-Forged = ~900 Flux
Thrice Forged = ~4500 Flux
Quad-Forged = ~16k Flux
Penta-Forged = ~30k Flux
Pearl of Wisdom = ~900 Flux
Twinkling Tome = ~1000 Flux
Eye of Q'bthulhu = ~5 Flux
Tentacle of Q'bthulhu = ~100 Flux


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This page needs updated.  I'm looking at a shadow melee with crit hit as its third stat.

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