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August 14, 2015 by [Deleted User]

Hi guys I'm Shinzo from Spirited Away. I have always find it weird that this kind of guide doesn't exist yet so I'm making one myself! I'll list only most popular items from most popular to least popular, and excludes color blocks. Note that outside of farming, trading is another good way of getting what you need, instantly but costly. Also this guide only covers what I know from my experience, so if I got anything wrong, let me know in the comment section so I can fix it and credit to you!


  1. Do hourly challenges, the dragon caches drop INSANE amount of flux!
  2. Do Shadow Arenas, you get guaranteed better equipment loots than adventuring worlds to be deconstructed.
  3. If you're new and don't have access to the first two, then this method is for you. Do dungeons and large dungeons in adventuring worlds to get equipment loots to be deconstructed, and always go straight to the boss for the chest! If you solo you should always go to a world that is 1-uber lower than recommended level to farm faster, otherwise you can farm dungeons with your friends on-level-uber. 
    • For farming dungeons I recommend doing it in Fae Wilds, because there is no boss there that can instantly kill you, and you can farm some Faerie Dust at the same time too. In short, it's the only biome without annoying bosses.
    • Classes that are good in solo-ing dungeons are Knight, Candy Barbarian, Tomb Raiser and Dracolyte.



  1. Fishing. Best way hands down. Fat Catfish from normal water and Rich Browniemone from chocolate pool give you extra glims!
  2. Adventuring through Fae Wilds. There are 2 dungeons (not large ones) in particular that gives you like 50-80 glims in a small area. One is "Crescent Moon" dungeon, the other is on the ground with a lot of stone pillars and a dark portal in the middle. You can either run over grasses on mount, or burn them using Dracolyte like I do. Do this on Wednesday for bonus glims!
  3. Adventuring through Peacefull Hills. Do this if you don't feel like hunting down specific dungeons in Fae Wilds. You can farm Sunlight Bulbs too. Do this on Wednesday for bonus glims!
  4. Deconstructing Diggsly gives you 2500 glims! Go mining during Tuesday to get all those Miner's Trove for a chance on Diggsly!

Side Note: It is actually harder and longer to collect more glims than flux now due to challenges, I wouldn't recommend trading your hard-earned glims for flux in a 3:1 ratio.



  1. I think Candoria has the most infiniums out of all the biomes. Go there to mine, and don't be picky! Mine there on Tuesday for extras!
  2. It also drops from Miner's Trove! You get extra Miner's Troves on Tuesday too!


Primordial Flame:

  1. Dragonfire Peaks has the most of these. If you are not farming for infinium, it is the best place to mine on Tuesday and get a lot of Miner's Troves as well.



  1. You can find these easily pretty much everywhere except Neon City. I would recommend going to Cursed Vale to farm Somber Souls as well. Mine there on Tuesday for extras!
  2. It also drops from Miner's Trove! You get extra Miner's Troves on Tuesday too!


Formicite Ore:

  1. To my knowledge Fae Wilds has the most Formicite Ores. Mine there on Tuesday for extras!
  2. It also drops from Miner's Trove! You get extra Miner's Troves on Tuesday too!


Robotic Salvage:

  1. You can find these drop uncommonly on every mobs from Neon City. It is better to solo farm this because you want to defeat every single mobs you encounter, and people generally just rush to dungeon boss. Farm this on Thursday for extras! (I get about 20-30 per hour, after doing challenge)
  2. Some 3-star bosses from Desert Frontier drop this as well, rarely. It used to be the only way to get it before Neon City came out.


Faerie Dust:

  1. Every mobs in Fae Wilds drop these. The insects like caterpillars and spiders will sometimes drop Sticky Ichor instead. Farm them on Thursday for extra dusts!
  2. Faeries in Permafrost drop theses as well. However, I do not recommend going there just for these dusts because you won't get that much there.


Bleached Bone:

  1. Don't be fooled by the description! The best way is actually go to Cursed Vale and defeat all those spooky skeletons! Ignore those spiders and other type of mobs as they do not drop this material. Farm them on Thursday for extra bones!
  2. If you are lazy you can just go to Dragonfire Peaks and just run around with your mount. Chances are you won't get more than 5 bones in a biome.


Somber Soul:

  1. You used to be able to find these everywhere but now it is only found in Cursed Vale. Mine there during Tuesday for extra souls!


Other materials like Bottle, Enchanted Wood, Mushroom Chunk and Wild Cupcake are best obtained through gardening!

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