A full guide to Trove's In-game chat system

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Some Trovians


This is a complete guide to Trove's in-game chat system.

This guide will go over:

  • 1. Chat Basics
  • 2. Chat Channels and Commands
  • 3. Terms and Abbreviations
  • 4. Common Problems

1. Basics

Picture of Trove's In-game chat

This is what Trove's in-game chat looks like. To access the chat, press the Enter/Return key.

This key is one of the only things that cannot currently be changed in the settings.


The chatbox consists of a few parts:

Labelled picture of the chat

A is a number that is used to access specific chat channels. This number is unique to you. 

B is the box where you type your messages.

C is the name of the channel. There are some special ones which are covered in a table below.

D is the name of the Trovian who sent the message. Right clicking on someone's name in the chat will open a menu where you can do the following:

  • Whisper this person
  • Add this person as a friend
  • Invite this person to join you
  • Ignore this person
  • Report this person for spam

2. Channels and Commands

Trove has specialized channels for many different purposes.

Global Chat with other online Trovians. /1 

Chat with all Trovians in the same

world as you.


Chat with Trovians who are nearby.

(within 40 blocks)

/say /s
Private Message

Send a message to one specific

Trovian. (note: this is not a channel,

you must type a command each time)


/w /tell /t



Club Channels

Chat with Trovians in the same Club

as you. Number corresponds to the

location of the Club on your Clubs list.

(P key by default)

/c1 /c2 /c3 /c4 /c5


Sell and purchase items from other

Trovians. Flux is the primary item

used as currency.

/join trade

/leave trade


Ask other Trovians for the flux-value

of items, or answer requests.

/join price

/leave price


Find Trovians who want to adventure

and form groups.

/join adventure

/leave adventure

Shadow Arena

Find Trovians who want to complete

Shadow Arenas and form groups.

/join sa

/leave sa


Find Trovians in the Sky Realm, and

form groups to hunt monsters or

gather sky resources.

/join sky

/leave sky


Find Trovians to form groups and

gather Sunlight Bulbs together.

/join sunlight

/leave sunlight


Find Trovians who will share their

recipe dungeons, or form recipe

adventuring groups.

/join recipe

/leave recipe


Find Trovians to fish with, or get

teleported to the appropriate biome

for certain fish.

/join fishing

/leave fishing


Find Trovians who are doing the

current Challenge, and form groups

to beat it. (Challenges are unlocked

at Mastery level 30)

/join challenge

/leave challenge


You can join custom channels simply

by joining a channel with any name. If

the channel doesn't exist, you will create it.

/join YourChannel

/leave YourChannel


When your chatbox is open, you can use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to cycle through previous messages you have entered. Similarly, after typing the whisper command "/w" you can use the Tab key to cycle though players who have recently whispered you.

Additionally, in the settings accessed via the Escape Key menu, under the "Social" tab, there is an option to appear as offline to people in your friends list or club.

There is also a command "/dnd" to put you on Do Not Disturb mode, which prevents you from receiving invites or whispers.

There is also "/ignore PlayerName" to stop receiving messages and invites from a specific player. Your ignore list is on the same menu as your friends list.


There are many many more commands that you can enter into the chatbox, which are covered on Etaew's Commands guide.

3. Terms and Abbreviations

Let's say you joined the Shadow Arena chat, and you have no idea what everyone's saying. That's pretty common. Here's a list that will help you.

Trading related; Example: "WTS thrice 1:7000f"

WTB, WTS, WTT: Abbreviations for Want To Buy, Sell, and Trade. They are used on most games with inter-player exchanges.

F Ratios: The main currency used to trade is Flux, for it's usefulness in large quantities. Players ask for prices in Flux ratios, like "1 thrice for 7000 flux." The second number is always flux, and the first number is the item in question.

Twice, Thrice, Quad, Penta: When you first get into the trade chat, many players will be selling and requesting these items for high prices. It's a shorthand version of "Twice-Forged Shadow Soul" and so on, a high level forging material.

PC: Short form of "Price Check." This is more common in the price channel, where players want to check the value of their items, to get an idea of how much to trade them for.

Shadow Arena related; Example: "LF sa u4"

SA: Shadow Arena.

inv: Invite; Requesting to be invited to teleport to someone.

LF: Short form of "Looking For," which is used in sa, fishing, adventure, and just about any place where groups are formed with other players.

U1-U6: Short form of "Uber 1" to "Uber 6," the most difficult world difficulties. Shadow Arenas are only found in Uber worlds.

4. Common Problems

"I can't scroll!"

This seems to be an existing bug. When the chat is opened, the scrollwheel will still zoom rather than scroll the chat. You can still scroll by clicking on the up and down arrows, or dragging the scroll bar.

"This player is using offensive language!"

If you go to your settings in the Escape Key menu, in the "Social" menu, you will find a checkbox for a profanity filter. This is on by default.

If a player is spamming rather than using profane language, you may right click on their name and "Report Spam". 

"I joined channel -1 and can't chat in it!"

This is an existing bug. If you join new channels and they show up as channel -1, try leaving and joining the channel again. If that doesn't work, restarting Trove will solve the issue.

"Someone scammed me in chat!"

If a player scams you via chat (most commonly posting fake redeem codes which are referral codes) you can contact Trion. Their support system replies in a day or two, from my experience. E-mail: support@trovegame.com

"I can't get the chat to open!"

If the Enter/Return key doesn't open your chat, or you have a different keyboard layout, try pressing other keys on your keyboard one at a time. Enter is the default key binding which cannot currently be changed.

"What is this Player1   message?"

That is the effect of the "Heart-a-phone" item, which broadcasts your love to everyone playing Trove. It also turns the two players' names red, which is covered in the next question.

"Why is this player's name colored?"

The default color for a player's name is a slightly darker color than the chat channel it is in; Global which is white, has gray names.

However, there are 3 types of special name color. A player with a red name has used, or been targetted by, a Heart-a-phone item. A player with a yellow name has achieved the highest mastery rank. A green name is a special color for the game developers. When a player has a special color name, their name appears the same in every chat channel. (This can make it hard to see, like a Heart-a-phone player in the red chat channel.)











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