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August 14, 2015 by [Deleted User]

All you need to know about Mastery and how to rais your MasteryLvl easy & quick.

Hello Trovers.

Today we learn everything about Mastery Level & how to rais it quick.

As much i hate big guides there is no way to keep this small but i will try it to keep it atleast as slim as possible.


Important Note: Every mastery level need 100 mastery points

I try to order the ways how to earn Mastery Levels from easy to hard.


1. Level your Character:

Each level up gains you 15 Mastery Points

At level 10 you get additional 25 Points for the level10 Costume

At level 20 you get additional 25 points for the maxLvL Costume

At level 20 you get additional 125 points for reaching maxLvL

(In total you get each Character you Max. 475 Mastery Points (4,75 Mastery level)


2. Collecting Styles:

You collect styles by destroying Items (weapons,face,hats) in the Loot Collector.

The first time you collect a Style it grants you 2 mastery points.

(All in all there are 2461 Styles to collect in total 4922 mastery pioints (49 Mastery levels))


3. Recipes:

You can collect Recipes by finishing the Recipes Dungeons

The rewards are 2 mastery points

(There are 909 Recipes to collect at the moment in total 1818 mastery points (18level))


4. Badges:

I wont go to deep into this, just open your Badges tab ingame with Y

there is everything you need to know

You can get 20 to 250 Mastery Points each Badges


5. Fishing + Poles!!!

Alot people underestimate the value of Fishing for mastery points & glims.

It cost you absolutly nothing because you always make profit with the fishes you get over the lures you used.

You get each pole 20 Mastery points so not that much but you need them in order to fish in lava/chocolate

You get each common Fish 5pts, Uncommon 10pts and for a rarefish 25 mastery pts (only for the first time you catch the fish)

Water Fishing: 95pts (common+uncommon fishes) + 200pts rare fish = 295 pts

Lava Fishing: 105pts (common+uncommon fishes) + 150pts rare fish = 255 pts

Chocolate Fishing: 85pts (common+uncommon fishes) + 150pts rare fish = 235 pts

Enchant Fishing: Only rarefishes = 125pts

(In total it gives you: 910 Mastery Points = 9,1 Mastery level)


6. Mounts + Allies:

There are currently 60 Allies and 136 Mounts in the game

Mounts gives usually 50 Mastery Points and you can collect them due diffrent ways like Drops from Enemy Monsters, Crafting, Mining, Adventure Boxes Pirat Ships or other Caches.

Allies give you from 10 to 50 Mastery Points depends on the rarity of the Ally. You can collect them the same way you get Mounts.

Sitenote: This can be expensive in terms of Glims/Flux but it can push you very fast.

Masterypoints over 9000!


7. Ships & Sails:

Ships arent easy to collect but they give from 50 to 100 mastery points so if you get the chance to collect one take it!

Sails are way easier to get, you just need to find some Pirat NPC Ships to buy the sails there for Glim. Depends on the rarity you get 10 to 50 mastery points each Sail.

All in all we have 9 Ships & 31 Sails


8. Advanced Professions:

Dont forget to upgrade your Gardening, Runecrafting and Ringcrafting

Sry i forgot the Masterypoints you get for each Rank it but i think it was 75pts.


9. Flask/Emblems:

This gona take some Time, you can only unlock them via the In-Game Shop and there currency (Credits) or with Cubits you can earn from Badges+Daily Star or soemtimes from masterylevel up

In total we have 5 Flasks + 15 Emblems

You get each Flask 25 Mastery Points and 20 each Emblem.


10. Costumes:

There are alot Costumes (80) in the game. The Problem they only unlockable via Credits so you will have to pay real money for it or you have to trade them in-game for alot of Flux (10k+++).


11. Wings:

We have 14 Wings in the game but they are propably the hardest to collect since there Prices are insanly high 25k Flux and higher and to craft them you need to grind for alot of reccources.


Please Leave a Comment if i missed something out so i can add it.

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