Safe Trading - Navigating the Scary World of Value

August 14, 2015 by [Deleted User]

This is a brief Guide to trading,scams and the real world risks with easy you links and resources

The Wonderful World of Trove and Trading starts with what you have and does it have Value?


Most everything in Trove has value or can be deconstructed for Value.


Basic item uses:                                                  



Flux - Item Upgrade and generally accepted currency

Formicite - Cornerstone and Club world cosmetics

Infinum - Portals and cornerstone and club world functional items

Shapestone - general building material - ringcrafting

Crystalized Clouds(sky realms) - Runecrafting



Bleached Bones: Mounts and item crafting

Wildcup cakes:  Mounts and item crafting

Mushroom Chunks: Mounts - Farming - Item crafting

Radiant Shards - Runecrafting - Portal - Item crafting


Souls - Equipment may be worth more than you think!

While all equipment can be deconstructed some equipment is worth more than other becauses they can be deconstructed into souls.



Twice - Thrice - Quad and Penta are all required to level equipment forward from Shadow two. This makes all Shadow equipment two and above worth atleast the value of the soul they can be deconstructed into.



Rings will not deconstruct into souls so a s3 ring will hold a diffrent value than a s3 equipment


Pricing Valuation

As there is no in-game auction house the first place I go to check the Value of an item is -

This is a great way to get a ROUGH estimate of values. Remeber though that the posts on the marketplace do not provide instant satsifaction and the price reflecs that reality. 

  The Cost of Instant Satisfaction - Example Experiment

Chat Marketplace - Shapestone 2:1 Trove Marketplace - Shapestone 2:1

Buyers: 5-7 any given hour:

Source: Observation

Buyers 10-20 any given day

Sellers@Rate of 2:1 - 1-2 sellers per hour

Source: In-Game Contact

Average Deal time and amount: 30 min/2k shape or 4k per hour

Sellers: Most posts are filled by the end of the day. With the exception of high bulk orders

Sellers@rate of 1.5:1:  4-5 per hour

Average Deal time and amount:

30min/6kf or 12kf per hour

Cost to buy Shape on demand at 1.5 Vs 2:1 is nearly 4-5k flux per hour for mass buy convince


Based off the information I collected in a brief experiment if you need small amounts of a product in-game trade chat is the way to go. If you need to mass buy the marketplace is the way to go.


Avoiding Scams:

Online Scams and scammers are as old as MMO's themselves. The best rule of thumb is always if it sounds to good to be true then it it probably is, however with valuation being diffcult at times in this game it helps to be apart of a large club to price check deals. As always check to confirm atleast a rough estimate of the item price. Make sure you sort the results to be within atlast 1 week.



Common Scams

Balefire wings code sale or code sale

The gist of this scam is asking you to put up to 10-15k flux in return for a code to a valuable item. This is for the most part a scam. It is easy for them to feed you a fake code and move on down the road


Blue Mini-Mush and look alike deal

Look alike deals are pretty common. Always double check and make sure you are getting the items you are trading for. Example below


blue-mini mush                           Pearl of Wisdom


Other Common swaps for this scam are s3/s4 rings as they look similar and Penta forge vs quad forge


Community Chest and "Drop Trade" 

If they ask you to make a trade or run a "Drop Party" don't bother with the deal it is a scam. This game has a trading post for use in the hub. It looks like the picture below and is found in the hub or is craftable




Please save yourself some strife and use whats right


Real World Trading

I would like to preface this with the fact that real-world trading trove items for cash items or trove items for cs:go skins ect is against both the steam TOS and Trove TOS. Breaking the Terms of service could cost you your steam account or trove profile.





However if you must do a real world trade take precautions.


Start with finding a repuatable middle man. These should be provided buy the buyer. A good repped middle man will charge a small fee for his/her time. These can be found on the Steam Trade sub-reddit and on Steam itself.



Places to maybe find a middle man:

Again I must stress that this is not encouraged and that there is NO way to undo a trade or seek compensation for losses.




This guide was created as a part of the 

Gamescom Carpet Code Competition

I hope you have found it useful and have a great time in the wonderful world of trove.


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