Trove Gear Forging Guide for dummies (Complete & Updated!)

August 14, 2015 by huntsmanner

This a guide on how to forge (a.k.a upgrade your gear) in Trove.

(Update[16/8/15]: Added item drop info for the different difficulty worlds.)

(Update [18/8/15]: Added White (common) - Rainbow (Resplendent) forging costs as a reference. It is still not recommended to forge them.)

(Update [19/8/15]: 3 radiant auras are now released!)

Forging is the action of upgrading your gear or changing its stats in Trove. Before we begin, do note that you can't forge rings. The only way to increase ring rarity is by crafting and opening more ring boxes. I will make another guide on ring crafting in the future, but for now only a section on ring deconstruction is included for reference purposes.

/*This guide is entirely based on my personal opinion. Therefore, you do not have to do what the guide says word for word.*/

Firstly, a list of the items used and how to obtain them:

Flux    Deconstructing Equipment
Pearl of    Wisdom    Bought from pirate traders in the treasure isles (Shadowy Trader)
Twinkling    Tome    Bought from the store
Eye of    Q'bthulhu    Deconstructing rare equipment
Tentacle of    Q'bthulhu    Dropped rarely by shadow giants (Random enemies that drop from the sky)
Twice-Forged    Shadow Soul    Deconstructing Shadow Level 2 Items
Thrice-Forged    Shadow Soul    Deconstructing Shadow Level 3 Items
Quad-Forged    Shadow Soul    Deconstructing Shadow Level 4 Items
Penta-Forged    Shadow Soul    Deconstructing Shadow Level 5 Items
Purifying Dragon    Flame    Crafted with 1 Dragon Coin, 200 Radiant Shards (Sky Realm Dungeons) and 30 Primordial Flames from a Dragon Cruicible 


Next, a list of the forging stations you need and how to craft them:

      Forge                        Crafted with 30 flux, 50 Shapestone, 3 Primordial Flames and 25 Formicite Ore from an Adventurer's Crafting Bench
 Enchanted Forge  Crafted with 20 Enchanted Wood, 30 Infinium and 50 Formicite Ore from an Adventurer's Crafting Bench
Chaos Forge  Crafted with 13 Eyes of Q'bthulhu, 30 Infinium and 100 Glim from the Adventurer's Crafting Bench
 Dragon Crucible  Uncraftable. Found in the Hub below a Dragon Statue.


To start off, we will be going through deconstructing (Loot Collecting). In your adventures, monsters will frequently drop items that you may equip or deconstruct. To deconstruct an item, walk up to your loot collector  and press e to interact with it. Most of the time, you will recieve flux from the deconstructed item. Here is a table for the deconstruction results courtesy of Tali (

Deconstruction Results

Rarity   Forge      Level 0      Forge      Level 1       Forge        Level 2        Forge      Level 3     Forge      Level 4     Forge      Level 5  
Green (Uncommon) 1 flux 2 flux 3 flux 4 flux 5 flux 6 flux
Blue      (Rare) 1 flux 2 flux 3 flux 4 flux 5 flux 6 flux
Purple    (Epic) 2 flux 3 flux 4 flux 6 flux 8 flux 10 flux
Orange (Legendary) 3 flux 4 flux 5 flux 7 flux 10 flux 15 flux
Red      (Relic)       6 flux,           1 eye            8 flux,           1 eye          10 flux,        1 eye          15 flux,        1 eye         20 flux,        1 eye         25 flux,        1 eye  
Rainbow (Resplendent)      10 flux,         3 eyes          15 flux,        3 eyes        20 flux,         3 eyes          30 flux,         3 eyes          50 flux,         3 eyes          100 flux,         3 eyes    
Shadow  Level 1      25 flux,     7 eyes      35 flux,     7 eyes      50 flux,     7 eyes      80 flux,     7 eyes      110 flux,     7 eyes      140 flux,     7 eyes
Shadow  Level 2 100 flux, 7 eyes, twice-forged 120 flux, 7 eyes, twice-forged 150 flux, 7 eyes, twice-forged 200 flux, 7 eyes, twice-forged 250 flux, 7 eyes, twice-forged 350 flux, 7 eyes, twice-forged
Shadow  Level 3 400 flux, 7 eyes, thrice-forged 450 flux, 7 eyes, thrice-forged 500 flux, 7 eyes, thrice-forged 550 flux, 7 eyes, thrice-forged 650 flux, 7 eyes, thrice-forged 750 flux, 7 eyes, thrice-forged
Shadow  Level 4 1000 flux, 7 eyes, quad-forged 1100 flux, 7 eyes, quad-forged 1200 flux, 7 eyes, quad-forged 1300 flux, 7 eyes, quad-forged 1500 flux, 7 eyes, quad-forged 1700 flux, 7 eyes, quad-forged
Shadow  Level 5 2000 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2100 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2200 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2300 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2500 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2700 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged
Radiant 2000 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2100 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2200 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2300 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2500 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged 2700 flux, 7 eyes, penta-forged


All Rarity Except For Shadow Shadow 1 Shadow 2 Shadow 3 Shadow 4
3 flux 3 flux, 1 eye 10 flux, 2 eyes 25 flux, 3 eyes 50 flux, 5 eyes


Now, on to the main topic, forging itself. 


First of all, go get yourself shadow level 1 gear. Any gear that is lower than shadow level 1 is not worth forging as Cost > Result. I suggest playing in the higher uber worlds the moment you are able to, and equip gear with Magic Find to increase the drop rate of shadow items. Also, make sure the 2nd stat on the item is what you want before you begin forging as you will not be able to change it. I have attached a table with the possible drops from each world (Thanks to trove wikia):

Adventure World Drops (without Magic Find)
Novice Green
Adept Green - Blue
Elite Green - Purple
Master Green - Orange
U1-5 Orange - Shadow 1
U6 Orange - Shadow 2


Section A: Adding Additional Stats & Increasing Stats

We will begin with adding more stats to your gear. Take a look at your gear and you will notice that it have 3 stats (or 2 if your gear is not shadow). The maximum number of stats you can have on an item is 4. Naturally, you would want all 4 stats on your gear to maximise the effectiveness. First of all, visit the treasure isles and search around for a pirate ship with a shadow trader. Image:

Go up to him and press e to interact with him. He may sell either pearls or mounts, so keep searching until you find one that sells pearls. Each pearl costs 1000 flux. (An alternative method is to buy them from other players in the trade chat. The price ranges from 900-1000 flux.) Once you've gotten a good bunch, (about 3-6 would do depending on your gear) return to your forging stations.

Walk up to your enchanted forge  and press e to interact with it. A forging menu would open up and you should see this screen:

If you click on the arrow keys you will be presented with the following menus:

The first menu is where you will go to increase the amount of stats on our gear. The second menu is for decreasing the required level with twinkling tomes (Section E). The last menu is for changing the radiant aura (Section D).

To increase the amount of stats, right click on the equipment you want to upgrade, and click on upgrade. Keep doing so until all your gear has 4 stats. (Face, Hat, Weapon)

If you use more pearls, one of the 4 stats will be boosted by one level. (Indicated by a pearl beside the stat, up to a total of 2 pearls per stat.) You might want to do this later on though, as it can get pretty expensive. (8 pearls per item to max out.)

Once you are satisfied with the stats, you may now move on to the next section.


Section B: Stat Rolling

Now that you have 4 stats on your gear, it is time to decide on what stats you want it to have.

To begin, go get some Tentacles of Q'bthulhu. You can obtain it by killing shadow giants, which randomly drop from the sky. (You may also buy it from other players for the price of 100 flux a piece.) Do get a good number of these as stat rolling is completely up to your luck. Once you've gotten about 100+, return to your forging tables.

Walk up to your Chaos Forge  and press e to interact with it. The following forging menu should appear:

Next, right click the item you want to stat roll, and click on randomize. You should notice that both the 3rd and 4th stats would be changed. (Or not. Its all RNG) You may refer to the following table for the possible randomizing possibilities (kudos to Aviex and Etaew):

Type of Gear Stat Slot Possible Bonus                                             
Bows, Guns, Staves (Magical) 1
  • Magical Damage
Swords (Physical) 1
  • Physical Damage
Both Magical and Physical weapons 2
  • Attack Speed
  • Movement Speed
  • Energy Regen
  • Max Health
Both Magical and Physical weapons 3
  • Knockback
  • Stability
  • Health Regen
  • Max Health
Both Magical and Physical weapons 4

Same as Slot 2 but will not exist if already present in slot 2

 ~~~  ~~~


Hats and Masks 1
  • Health
Hats and Masks 2
  • Attack Speed
  • Health Regen
  • Movement Speed
Hats 3
  • Lasermancy
  • Magic Find
  • Jump
  • % Max Health
  • Stability
Masks 3
  • Magic Damage
  • Stability
  • Jump
  • % Max Health
  • Physical Damage
Hats and Masks 4 Same as Slot 2 but will not exist if already present in slot 2

Once you have the stats that you want, it is time to increase them.


Section C: Forging

Finally, we have come to the main event. Forging. This section will equip you with the knowledge of how to obtain the strongest gear in the game: Radiant Gear. Use it well.

Walk up to your forge , and press e to interact with it. The menu below would appear:

Right click on the item that you want to forge, and begin your long and arduous journey to Radiant Gear!

You will need to consult the following table on the costs of forging:

Rarity Cost Per Forge Level From 0-5 (Increase Power Level) Rarity Increase/Shadow Level Increase
White (Common) 2 flux 30 flux
Green (Uncommon) 3 flux 30 flux
Blue (Rare) 4 flux 40 flux
Purple (Epic) 10 flux 100 flux
Orange (Legendary) 15 flux 200 flux
Red (Relic) 25 flux 400 flux
Rainbow (Resplendent) 50 flux 500 flux, 5 eyes
Shadow Level 1 75 flux, 10 eyes 500 flux, 50 eyes
Shadow Level 2 150 flux, 15 eyes 2 twice-forged
Shadow Level 3 250 flux, 30 eyes 2 thrice-forged
Shadow Level 4 400 flux, 50 eyes 2 quad-forged
Shadow Level 5 500 flux, 60 eyes 3 penta-forged, 3 purifying dragon flames
Radiant 1000 flux, 70 eyes, 1 purifying dragon flame N.A.

As you can see, the higher the rarity of gear you start forging with, the more materials you save. It is therefore very important to start with high leveled gear if you do not have a lot of flux. On a side note, it is relatively difficult and expensive to make quad-forged and penta-forged shadow souls on your own. You may want to consider buying them from the trade chat. I have included a table of item prices below (will be updated frequently):

Item Trade Value

Item Price
Eyes of Q'bthulhu 3 - 4 flux
Twice-Forged Shadow Soul 900 - 1000 flux
Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul 4 500 - 5 000 flux
Quad-Forged Shadow Soul 15 000 - 17 000 flux
Penta-Forged Shadow Soul 29 000 - 32 000 flux                          
Dragon Coin (Used to make Purifying Dragon Flame) 2 500 - 3 500 flux


Hundreds of thousands of flux and an eternity later, you have emerged with radiant gear! It is now time to celebrate. As you might have already noticed, there is an aura emitted from your radiant weapon. (No aura on face and hat, sadly...) There are quite a few auras to choose from, read the next section to find out more.


Section D: Radiant Auras

Return to your enchanted forge and open up the radiant aura page. Right click on the radiant weapon and click on upgrade. (It just randomizes actually) It costs 75 glim to change your aura, pretty cheap considering the amount of flux you took to reach here. I have listed all the currently available auras below (Thanks to Etaew):

  • Wreath of Flames - Bathes your weapon in dancing fire. (Already Unlocked)
  • Glacial Grip - Keeps your hands sweat-free and sends chills down your foes' spines. (Already Unlocked)
  • Fighting Lightning - Sparks all manner of shocking revelations for your enemies. (Already Unlocked)
  • Enhancement Enchantment - Coat your weapon with conjured cantrips. (Already Unlocked)
  • Curse of Mortality - Engraves your weapon with one truth: 'All life must end. (Already Unlocked)
  • Neon Nemesis - Turbo-charge your weapon with termination technology. (Consume 50 neon dragon souls)
  • Tough Love - Bad monsters get no treats. (Dropped rarely when adventuring. Dropping as of Frosted Mini Update)
  • Shadow Stain - Envelops your weapon in perpetual purple patina. (Dropped rarely when adventuring. Dropping as of Frosted Mini Update) 


  • Mark of Mastery - Brand your weapon with this symbol of supremacy. (Seems to be unlocked by mastery. Unavailable as of now.)


Section E: Lowering Level Requirement

This last section is about the lowering of level requirement of items using twinkling tomes, which is rarely used. If you so happen to want to lower the level requirement of an item, you can purchase a twinkling tome from the in-game store. Otherwise, you may buy one from the trade chat for about 1000 flux. Due to low usage of this item, the price is not very stable. I would not recommend using your flux on this.

To lower the level, walk up to your enchanted forge and click on the arrow keys till you reach the reduce required level page. Then click on the upgrade button to decrease the level requirement by one.


Aaaand that is all for my forging guide. I hope that I have clarified your questions and given you the knowledge required to create the perfect gear. Do drop a comment if you have anything to ask or have any suggestions for me to further improve the guide.


Written by Simon

IGN: Huntsmanner

(Check out my other guide on fishing:

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