Guide: Safe Trading Outside of trove

August 13, 2015 by [Deleted User]

Trading seems to be a safe thing inside and outside of trove. You guve someone something, and they give you stuff back, right? Well, people will trick and use exploits to only gain from trades. This is a guide for safe trading.


Trading outside of trove

Trading outside of trove can be VERY risky. There is no guarentee that you're gonna get the items that you paid for.

-Codes: There are some ultra rare items that you can only get by code, and if you wanted to sell those codes, you would have to sell the actual code. You can always report a scam, but there is no guarentee, and sometimes you dont have eough proof. There are some solutions players have made, but none are 100% secure.


          Direct code selling: You give flux, and then the seller gives the code

          Risk level: RISKY

          Disadvantages: If he/she doesnt give the code, you don't have any way of getting it back

          Advantages: Quick, simple


         Middleman: You give flux to a middleman, the seller gives the code to the middleman. The              middleman then gives you the code. if the code works, he proceeds to giving the seller the              flux. if it doesn't, he refunds the flux

         Risk level: MODERATE          

         Disadvantages: buyer can scam by claiming that the code was fake

         Advantages: More secure than direct code selling


-Money for flux (or any other trove items): There are websites that claim to give you easy flux when you pay cash. Just like code selling, there is no guarentee that you are going to get the flux that you've paid for.         


          Money for items: You pay a certain amount of cash for items

          Risk level: VERY RISKY

          Disadvantages: If scammed, you will have difficulty reporting anyone, due to the fact that                 the seller remains anonymous

          Advantages: saves time (no grinding)


Trading outside of trove is risky, and trading should only be done ingame if you want a secure trade. There ARE scams people can do in game, but that isnt part of this guide. Be smart about trades, and remember that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.




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