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Flux Guide Guides

Posted August 8, 2015 by MtkEndamine and viewed 6,970 times.

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A guide on how to get/farm flux for begginers.

Ways on how to get/farm flux:

1.)Deconstructing:if u have an items (melee's,stave's,guns,bow's,mask's, and hat's) go to the loot collector then right-click the item to add it to the loot collector then press deconstruct and when that heppens u will get flux(note:the higher the rarity of the item the more flux you will get).

2.)Selling:if u have an item that u already have or have alot like (mounts,magriders,wings,costumes,allies,boats,items:(melee's,stave's,guns,bow's,mask's, and hat's especially if it has a high rarity)and other materials.)then go drop it for the player to get it but i highly recommend using a trading post cause if u drop it anyone can get it, to use the trading post look at it and press E then double-click the name of the player u want to trade with.

--More will be added soon--

(Note: this is a recreation of my old guide since the old one dosent work anymore 4 me 4 some reason.)

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