Everything You Need to Know About Tomb Raiser

August 7, 2015 by [Deleted User]

"The unlife of the party! Animate minions, then heal them and damage enemies with your basic attack's piercing beam. Enhance your attack and defence with Banshee's Boon, and combine your Bonetourage into a Grave Goliath!" - In-Game Description

So if you're reading this it's because you want to learn about Tomb Raiser, improve with him or something else. First, we'll give information on his abilities, equipment stats, allies, flasks, emblems Tomb Raiser should have and then how you should play him.

As a side note: Everything here is tested, unless specified

In Game Name: Artorius


Basic Attack:

  • Short range
  • Scales from ~31% of magic damage
  • Very fast attack speed (Attack rate ?)
  • Cannot increase attack speed with gear
  • Affected by Soul Caller lifesteal
  • Affected by Banshee's Boon during its duration
  • Heals minions 3 hp each hit, up to 10 hp with Banshee's Boon

Soul Caller:

"Periodically attracts a restless soul, up to a maximum of three. Additionally, slaying enemies attracts a restless soul. Basic attacks return a small amount of damage done as health."

- In-Game description

  • The amount of restless souls you have, to a maximum of 3, is showed by how many ghosts you have around your character.

  • Slaying enemies with a health bar gives you one restless soul (If you have 3 minions in store, it does not give more)
  • The health regained scales with magic damage (~0.6% of magic damage per hit)
  • Banshee's Boon increases the healing per hit to ~5% of magic damage


"Throw a restless soul, consuming it and spawning a skeletal minion where it lands. Minions will fight for you for a short while."

- In-Game description

  • You can hold the key binded to this ability to aim with it
  • Spawns a skeletal minion
  • A minion deals ~75% of your magic damage as damage
  • Up to 6 minions can exist at once 
  • Spawning another minion after 6 replaces the oldest minion spawned
  • Minions slowly loses their health
  • Lasts ~15 secs without being healed and without being harmed
  • Damage inflicted to skeletal minions is constant, a charged attack does the same damage of a basic attack

Banshee's Boon:

"Turns the user into a ghost. While in ghost form you take 90% less damage, and your primary attack affects all enemies and minions around you. Ghost form rapidly depletes your energy and ends when energy reaches zero."

- In-Game description

  • Receive 90% less damage (Based on description)
  • Basic attack becomes Area of Effect
  • Inflicts ~100% of magic damage
  • Increases attack speed of basic attack (Attack rate ?)
  • Heals 10 hp to minions
  • Stops energy regeneration and depletes energy
  • Ends at 0 energy

Grave Goliath:

"Sacrifice all your active minions to summon a Grave Goliath! The more minions sacrificed, the stronger the Grave Goliath is."

- In-Game description

  • Basic attack deals ~100% magic damage and every minion sacrificed gives ~75% more damage (100%/175%/250%/325%/400%/475%/550%)
  • Charged attack deals ~300% magic damage and every minion sacrificed gives ~225% more damage (300%/525%/750%/975%/1200%/1425%/1650%)
  • Cannot be healed
  • Charged attacks occur randomly
  • Slowly loses health
  • Damage inflicted to Grave Goliath is constant, a charged attack does the same damage of a basic attack
  • Only 1 Grave Goliath can be spawned, oldest replaced when another spawns
  • Does not count as a minion


Recommended Equipment Stats


  1. Maximum Health
  2. Health Regeneration / Movement Speed
  3. % Maximum Health
  4. Health Regeneration / Movement Speed

Second and fourth stat has no use for attack speed so take health regeneration and movement speed. % Maximum Health and jump are the only stats useful combat wise in the third slot, but we don't need too much jump so take % Maximum Health


  1. Magic Damage
  2. Energy Regeneration
  3. Health Regen / Jump
  4. Maximum Health

Energy regen helps alot to heal the minions, deal more damage and survive longer. You can take jump over health regen if you feel you need more jump since you already can lifesteal alot from Banshee's Boon.


  1. Maximum Health
  2. Health Regeneration / Movement Speed
  3. Magic Damage
  4. Health Regeneration / Movement Speed

Once again, attack speed has no use for Tomb Raiser so health regeneration and movement speed to second and fourth slot. Magic damage to deal more damage since your minions tank it all and faster clears.



Most useful:

Chronomancer Qubesly (20% Magic Damage, 25% Cooldown Reduction)


  • Faster clears
  • Cooldown Reduction


  • Cooldown Reduction not doing much of an impact

You do more damage and your minions do more damage, useful at clearing

Feisty Flamedancer (10 Maximum Energy, 12% Energy Regeneration, Chance of health and energy restoring flower)


  • Maximum Energy increase means longer duration on Banshee's Boon
  • Percentage increase on energy regeneration, good for late game
  • Useful flower drop, proc'd easily because of Tomb Raiser's attack rate


  • Banshee's Boon stops energy regeneration

This ally helps healing minions, do more damage and survive longer

Situational allies:

 Shield Servitor (30 Energy Regeneration, -20% Incoming Damage)


  • Energy regeneration
  • Less damage received
  • Useful early


  • Banshee's Boon reduces already enough damage
  • Banshee's Boon stops energy regeneration

Good ally for those starting with Tomb Raiser

Prowling Shadow (5 Movement Speed, 2.2% Health each hit)


  • Synergizes with Tomb Raiser's attack rate
  • Heals a percentage of maximum health


  • Sacrifices damage
  • You already have lifesteal

Honestly, skilled players would negate the damage bosses do with Banshee's Boon, lifesteal back up and let them aggro on minions, don't really need this


Rapt Berserker (20% Physical Damage,  15% Health and Movement speed boost when a nearby enemy dies)


  • Somewhat useful health and movement speed boost


  • Physical Damage
  • You could have chose a more useful ally

Really, there're more useful allies than this




Most Useful Flask:


Elysian Bandolier:

Best flask to make full use of emblems. If you are going to use them for health, use other flasks like the "Balanced Elysian Flask" or "Elysian Jug"



Energetic Emblem:

"Temporarily boosts your Energy Regeneration"

(Increases Energy Regeneration by 50%) (10 seconds)

10 secs is a pretty long duration, but Banshee's Boon duration stops energy regeneration so use a flask after using Banshee's Boon to maximize the emblem's use.

Arcane Emblem:

"Doubles Magic Damage temporarily."

(Doubles current magic damage) (8 seconds)

Doubles the magic damage of the user, minions and Grave Goliath.

Zealous Emblem:

"Restores all spent Energy."

(Restores energy to full) (Instant)

Great for keeping yourself in Banshee's Boon mode to survive longer, do more damage and heal minions faster. Always take this since it can be both used offensively and defensively.



Ability Usage

Minion Management:

Usually, you would do this for every fight, except on some boss modifications and specific monsters

  1. Always spawn your minions when you can, they increase your DPS.
  2. Try to heal minions and hit enemies with the basic attack. Prioritize healing minions if you can't hit them.
  3. Keep your minions alive by healing them and if they are on the verge of dying, summon a Grave Goliath to avoid losing DPS.
  4. Since Banshee's Boon stops energy regeneration, always wait until energy fills back up to use Banshee's Boon, unless the minions are going to die, or need to negate damage or deal the coup de grace to a boss
  5. If your minions are dying too easily, try to summon a Grave Goliath to tank, wait for 3 minions, spawn them at the same time then try to keep the minions alive and spawn more. Then summon a stronger Grave Goliath.

Also, if there are monsters annoying you when entering a lair or dungeon, you can throw a minion to distract them or use Banshee's Boon.

Bosses, their Modifications and Tomb Raiser:

Poisonous clouds, lasers, fire, thorns bosses has a high attack rate against your minions and destroys them easily. So, we have to change the playstyle to beat them.

Theres also some monster-specific abilities like the acid from the Pitcher Plant, spinning attack and poisonous clouds again (double poison clouds just utterly destroys your minions).

  1. The biggest threats are the poisonous clouds, lasers, fire and thorns boss modifications. When encountering one of them, it's advised to use Banshee's Boon during their buff duration and spawn minions after its duration.
  2. If the minions are going to die, summon a Grave Goliath to avoid losing DPS.
  3. If your minions are dying too easily, try to summon a Grave Goliath to tank, wait for 3 minions, spawn them at the same time and then summon a stronger Grave Goliath.

As a support:

Only when you don't do signifcant damage or can't survive healing minions with the basic attack. Basically, the minions and Grave Goliath will act as a distraction and tank.

  1. Spawn all the minions and summon a Grave Goliath
  2. Wait for 3 minions
  3. Repeat
  4. Use Banshee's Boon when bosses teleport at you



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