The Challenge Guide : The beginning of a new adventure

August 7, 2015 by [Deleted User]

This guide will teach all you have to know about this game system wich concern the player who reach the mastery level 30.

Welcome reader, if you want to know some things about Challenges, you are at the right place. So let's begin !



The Challenges appears once the player reach the mastery rank 30. If you already reach that rank, lucky you, you maybe seen this sometime (If you havn't reach that rank, don't worry, keep reading and learn, it will be your turn soon) :


Sometimes, you will see this at the same place the quests were. This is a Challenge. They begin each hour* and are the same for every player.

/!\ You can see the challenge only in the hub or Uber-world (U1 to U6), so don't wait the Challenge in your Clubworld or in an other adventure world /!\

 (*this is each hour on the serveur clock, not each hour since you're logged. For example, there are Challenges at, ...)



Now let's see how they work,

1) TIC-TAC, TIC-TAC, the clock turn, hurry up ! Each Challenge must be made in 20min and there are a lot of things to do.

2) This is the place where the challenge take place. In this situation you must do the Challenge in Desert Frontier biomes.

3) Here you can see the Bonus for the Challenge. If you play a bonus class, you're lucky, you will have a x3 multiplier. But if you play a bonus class in Uber 5, jackpot, you will have a x9 multiplier. (The inverse work to, you can play any class in Uber 5 for the x3 multiplier)

4) To win a challenge, you must dungeon, a LOT of dungeon (very fun to do, trust me), and here you can see how many you made and how many you have to do. And if you have a multiplier, each dungeon will count for 3 or 9 ! Easy you will, it isn't that easy:Did you see the form with a number next for the biome name, this form:

This is the step of the challenge:

  • -Step 1, 10 dungeons to do, 2x neon dragon cache
  • -Step 2, 40 dungeons to do, 2x neon dragon cache
  • -Step 3, 100 dungeons to do, 3x neon dragon cache
  • -Step 4, 300 dungeons to do, 3x neon dragon cache


So, in 20min, you can do 450 dungeon, 150 with multiplier 350 with multiplier 9, and all of that only in 1 biome type.


Good Luck !!



Here you can find some tips to do Challenge:

-Between 7 or 5 min before the begin of a challenge stop your activity and go to a safe place where you can find the more portals (if possible), like the hub or your cornerstone in an Uber-world (Don't wait the challenge in a club-world or an other adventure world like novice, elite... like I said you won't see the challenge)

-During this time, prepare yourself to the challenge, do the more space you can in your inventory (to carry your rewards from Challenge and dungeon if you want), check your stuff and all...

-Once the description of the Challenge appears, read it and go to the place where you will find the more portals you can (now you know the description of the challenge you can go to your club world if there are all the portals)

-Choose a technic: 

  • Play the bonus class in Uber 1 or 5,6 (choose uber-1 if you can't go in 5,6. You will do dunjeon very fast, go in uber 2,3,4 won't help you: no multiplier but more difficultie) 
  • Play a non-bonus class in Uber 1 or 5,6 (same choice, uber-1 for rapidity with no multiplier or uber-5,6 for multiplier x3 but high difficultie


-If you go in Uber-5 or 6, some tips too: 

  • Do not wait at the spawn for the other players, go on your way, you will see all the player do the same 
  • If you can, put your cornerstone in or next to the challenge biome. If your die during the challenge, nobody will resurect you, trust me, or play with friends. 
  • Do not break apart of a group, you can die more easily, dungeon will be harder to do and the other will clear all the land and you won't win the challenge. (we can say this for other worlds too. So, if you see someone in the same biome, follow him and clear the land together)

-If you don't already do this sometimes, go direct to the boss in dungeon, this is the only thing to do to finish it.

-Do the most lairs (small dungeon) you can. This is easier to find the boss. And if you do a castle (big dungeon) do not lost a lot of time to find the bosses, or hope t have a one-way castle (a big dungeon with only one way to go trough, like the mine in permafrost, or the sand monster in Uber-5 desert)



Thanks for reading my guide,I hope you like it and you will win a lot of dragon thing ;)

I apologize if I made some english mistake (it isn't my language).

Feel free to comment with some tips or information I forgot, to upgrade this guide :)

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