Tomb Raiser SA Guide

August 4, 2015 by [Deleted User]

Tomb Raiser SA Guide

As a Tomb Raiser, your main focus should be smaller adds during a SA (Shadow Arena). Smaller adds die faster, and when they die, they give you a free soul to summon another minion. The faster your team drops small monsters, the faster you can summon your Ultimate: Grave Goliath at full power.

Important Understanding of your Skills (will save your butt):

Bonetourage: (R2): While you thought you understood how simple this ability is... you might not have noticed that you can have up to SIX (6)(omg!rly?) little minions from this skill up at any one time. That alone is pretty awesome, but even better... if you hold down your basic attack, minions close to you will get healed slowly and you can safely summon and maintain 6 minions while stationary; this is very useful if you do this before starting a SA because you're able to summon a maxed out Grave Goliath even before starting the SA.

Special Note: Be carerful, because taking a second to type might take too long and your minions might die/decay!

Special Note: You are still able to summon minions even if you have your Grave Goliath summon as well!


Banshee's Boon: (1):

This ability while simple is very valuable and where having high energy regeneration really makes you shine! This ability, when in use, reduces damage you take by 90%, heals your minions when you hit monsters, and deals AOE damage to monsters around you. Needless to say, this is probably the best skill that you have as a Tomb Raiser; it is offensive and defensive at the same time. The crux of this skill is that it drains your energy to zero (0) at a medium pace. As mentioned before, the best way to effectively use this skill is to acrue as much energy regeneration as possible; you'll thank me for this.


Watch your energy levels carefully and use this as you need to either:

  1. Save your butt from dying
  2. Heal your pets and deal AOE damage

(or any combination mentioned!)


Ultimate: Grave Goliath: (2):

Your Goliath is your big hitter. Yes, he can be slow, but he is able to take a pouding and return the favor to your foes.

Depending on the number of minions you have, he will be relative in scale in size and power/toughness. Less minions = smalller and weaker Goliath; more minions bigger and tougher Goliath.

You can summon him without any minions if you want to throw another body at your enemies early, but he won't make much of an effect.

Special Note: Even though he's slow, if you jump far enough without touching the ground, sometimes he will teleport to you when you do finally land; this is pretty useful at times but remains a big buggy. So I welcome you all to learn the little nuances of your classes!


Stats to focus on are:

Energy Regeneration: Without Energy, you are just a Tomb Raiser who can only summon minions as mobs die; with energy, you are able to heal your pets, deal additional AOE damage and help your team so much more. This should be your primary priority so that you can cast Banshee's Boon as often as possible (or necessary).

Max HP: Having enough HP to endure a couple whacks from bosses is important for the independent working-class Tomb Raiser. While you don't notice how important this stat is often, when you're under pressure, you'll  be thankful that you aren't as squishy as most people think. 

Jump: While this doesn't seem that important... if you're in danger, hopping onto your mount and being able to jump and stay suspended for a little bit can sometimes be a life saver. While jumping, you do not build energy, but not dying is slightly more important than regenerating energy. Also, you still collect/build souls while mid-air.


Stats to NOT focus on are:

Physical Damage: You are a mage and don't do physical damage. How silly of you for thinking of using your staff to smack enemies around with.

Attack Speed: You are a mage and cast spells from your staff. You might even break it if you hit something with it. Instead of swinging your staff, you channel your energies to attack. Silly you.



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