Which class should you pick? Best DPS one! no?

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Luckly in Trove you're not punished by picking the 'wrong' class as you'll be switching through almost all of them in near future of your gameplay. But it is good to know the basis.

Currently we have 11 classes in game with 12'nth coming

5 of them deal physical damage and other 6 magical
In this stage of the game there is no magical or any form of armor so don't worry about that, the difference is only within stats that can boost one or another type of damage

From the start I will say that if you're a new player my personal advice is to pick Boomeranger as your first class and I will tell you why is that later.

(this is not a review if you want to learn more about abilities in depth I suggest you to read other specified guides AFTER reading my stuff)



1.Knight (Physical Damage) Melee

Really simple gameplay. By spamming one of his skills he can dash through the sky like a super saiyan (I love it so much). His ultimate heals him and provides him nice Damage reduction aura (SSJ anyone?)

Spam of left and right click, with nice mobility and survivability


2. Gunslinger (Magic Damage) Ranged

Same as Knight very simple. except he's doing it on range, witch is a little bit harder but you have your nice jump boost which allows you to be almost permanently in air.

Spam of your basic attack but you need to pay attention to your passive and environment


3.Fea Trickster (Magic Damage) Ranged

Now this is where is starts to be more complicated because many ppl claims it to be the BEST DPS class, which it can easily be but if you're not good in avoiding damage and aiming you will easily be the worst DPS in the game.
All this because of Range attacks and passive that doubles your attack power if you didn't take any damage recently

Spam of your basic attack and paying attention to EVERYTHING around you. yeah, good luck with that


4.Dracolyte (Magic Damage) Close range

Bulky class, no mobility and kind of nice survivability. Personally tho, it is no fun to pay attention to his little guy just to know that you can use your second ability, and just spamming it isn't any better, well maybe you'll like it.

Spam Basic attack to charge your second attack to activate your first ability, oh and use ulti to do this better and have 50% dmg reduction.


5.Neon Ninja (Physical Damage) Melee/Timed Mid-Range

This guy is hardcore, cool animations and kind of cool mechanics, you also have a dash like a Knight but it is less effective at sky traveling but still pretty good and useful. Also he's snare is SUPER useful is group fights.

You need to get 3 stacks of your passive ability by attacking with your basic attack, then use your first ability to get into stealth because only then you can use your stack to launch from 1 to 3 shurikens at your target by using your first basic attack... YEAH HARDCORE! after using your ult you can make your snare last longer.


6.Candy Barbarian (Physical Damage) Melee

Simple, super high survivability and supportive mechanics. Second choice after Boomeranger for beginner player. I and many other players find one of his ability totally useless as it has to slow animation for mobility purposes.

Spam basic attack, use M2 and 2 to win!


7.Ice Sage (Magic Damage) Ranged

More of a support guy, His passive and ultimate abilities have great effects for party playing.

Spam your icicle and watch for the best moment to use your ultimate


8.Shadow Hunter (Physical Damage) Ranged

Burst but hard to implement. Need lots of skill, relies on passive ability that is random and he is a ranged character. H A R D to play, but have high potential.

Paying attention to your passive ability, energy bar and environment.


9.Pirate Captain (Magic Damage) Wide Range

Relies on his Turrets to deal damage, no energy, upgrade system for your turret, not much to say its easy and fun to play, if you enjoy static damage. he have a decay that pulls aggro.

Set your turrets and Spam basic attack to upgrade your "first mate"


10.Boomeranger (Physical Damage) Melee/Ranged

First character that can use either melee weapon or Bow. Bomb that can blow up things, cool mechanics and quite easy to play. Oh and no energy just cooldowns

Spam your abilities in a good order, make use of your boomerang and passive mechanic.


11.Tomb Raiser (Magic Damage) Mid-Range

Take care of your family just to sacrifice all of them for a bigger dude. Yeah, he's easy to play.

Summon your dudes, heal your dudes, kill your dudes to summon a bigger dude.


From all of them, Boomeranger is one of the easiest, has 2 weapons so you can taste melee and ranged options, and not too complicated mechanic but a mechanic, so you'll learn the most and wont be overwhelmed.


Gotta catch 'em all!

Currently with Challenges that you do after reaching 30 mastery rank (you can learn more about those in other guides) Game kind of requires you to have every class, so yeah... But with future updates and Shadow Towers we may see some more space to shine as a skilled Neon ninja or Ice Sage, but don't forget about Shadow Arenas, you can allways show your skill there   also kind of...



Ok i dont know if you noticed, but i didn't say anything about how much damage each of class deals. Well thats because it really, really and stay with me on this, really depends on YOU.

Many people can say that "FEA MASTER RACE, best DPS. STFU gunslinger" and those people we call:


Non-experienced players


of course Fea or Shadow Hunter are CAPABLE of doing very high DPS, but you simply playing this character doesn't make you even touch what is decent DPS.

What you need to look for is how consistent is your damage before even thinking about measuring it.

-spending time dead

-not shoting into your enemy

-not dealing damage generally

-not useing the mechanics of your class properly

is is hard to master even one of the easiest of characters that people label into best DPS section.

SO be cool about what class you play as long as you know that you play it properly and it goes for all the games out there.

Don't let any elitist players tell you differently than that you're as good as your knowledge about what you play is because from there only you can measure your skill. And if your character suck you will know it and switch to another.


*you can call em that only if you explain why is that. And don't be harsh ok? nobody likes harsh people.

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