Tomb Raiser Character Setup

August 4, 2015 by The_Truck

This guide shall help you improve your tomb raiser setup. Also people without tomb raiser you can prepare for what you want to get.

The number one stat that you do not want is attack speed. Attack speed is useless to the Tomb Rasier because it can use it basic attack by holding it down. No matter what attack speed it has it shall be the same.

The stuff you would want is Health Regeneration, Energy Regeneration, also Magic Damage. The Tomb Rasier need to use energy for it number (1) move. The magic is for his life steal/healing or his basic attack. The health regen is good for when fighting tough mobs because Tomb Raiser has low health/defense so he need great health regen.

The best to fight a boos is to get a group of friends/other players, or you can get the max of 6 minons add then summon it ultmate which is the Grave Goliath and the more minons there are the stonger the Goliath shall be.

I hope this help make or prepare you tomb rasier. This is my frist guide ever and I shall update with the news you people give me.

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