The Quest for Dragons - Guide

August 4, 2015 by [Deleted User]

This informative guide will step you through getting either Auzilian or Neon Dragons.

Auzilian Dragons

As Auzilian Dragon Caches are no longer in use, it has become more difficult to obtain these magnificent mounts. To begin, we have two things you should keep in mind.

Dragon Coins : 3k Flux

Auzilian Dragon Soul : 2 Dragon Coins, 150 Glacial Shards, 1 Golden Soul

It will be easier to purchase Dragon Coins then an Auzilian Soul, so keep that in mind. The best way to begin this quest is to go mining in the world of your preference (I choose U1) to mine. Head to the Permafrost and begin mining. Look for dungeons that create a gap, and search for cave structures. Glacial Shards drop usually 3 for a ore block, and golden souls spawn here too. I wouldn't worry about golden souls too much, as they only require one for each. The biggest problem here are dragon coins.

Dragon Coins -

Neon Dragon Cache - Very Rare (1,2,3)

The Neon Dragon Cache has a rare chance of either a set of one, two, or three dragon coins. There is also the slight chance for a Penta Forged Shadow Soul, which you shoud save to sell (30k)

The best way to acquire Neon Dragon Caches is to collect them from challenges, or purchasing them in bulk. Challenges happen every hour once you reach Mastery Level 30. These challenges are very easy once you find a large group. There aren't any multipliers until you reach Uber 5. Uber 5 has a multiplier of 3, and a bonus class bonus of 9. Uber 6 has the best multiplier, x9 and a bonus class bonus of 27. Additionally, you can reach 300 caches instead of max of 100 in Uber 6.

If you do not recieve dragon coins on the first try, attempt to sell the other items you recieve. Once you have it, there you go! 

1 Dragon Soul for Auzilian Dragon Ally

5 Dragon Souls for Auzilian Fledgling

15 Dragon Souls for Auzilian Adult

30 Dragon Souls for Auzilian Legendary

40 Dragon Souls for Auzilian Bonus



Neon Dragons

Neon Dragons are harder and more difficult to collect, due to a higher amount required. Instead of 40 Dragon Coins to complete the set, this requires as much as 100. It is also slightly easier, due to the fact that

1# Neon Dragons are currently in rotation

2# Neon Souls are uncommon, instead of rare.


The best way to collect and gain Neon Caches is to complete challenges. I suggest grinding until you acquire a character who can enter U6; you are guaranteed to leave with atleast 4 caches. The maximum right now is 10; you can only recieve this amount in U6. The other materials you get in these caches can also be sold for buying Dragon Souls.

You'll need these amounts of souls for Dragon Ascensions:

1 for Neon Dragoncrown

5 for Neon Dragon Ally

10 for Neon Fledgling

25 for Neon Equipment

50 for Neon Adult

90 for Neon Legendary

100 for Neon Buffs




Trading is a vital part for getting Dragon Souls.

Dragon coins go for 3k, but can be sold for atleast 2k. I suggest buying them at 2.5k, but not being afraid to pay 3k.

Neon Caches go for 300 flux each. If you feel lucky, you can buy these in bulk and hope for a lucky run. I do not suggest this due to the fact that my luck is horrible. :(

I do not suggest purchasing Auzilian Souls as they are usually overpriced. Neon Souls, however, can go for as much as 6k but I say the better price is around 4k. You'll need alot, so flux is a must.


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