Beginners Guide For The Neon Ninja

August 4, 2015 by [Deleted User]

Welcome to my guide on starting out as the Neon Ninja.

I wanted to help others who just started out in Trove and perhaps like me they picked the coolest looking class available: Neon Ninja. I'm not a professional by any means I literally just started playing but I honestly thought that the below guide would help someone who is on their first day or perhaps wanted to try the Neon Ninja.


Level 1

Basic attack - LMB (left mouse mutton) Strike with your weapon, hold button down for auto attack.

Shadow Flip - RMB (right mouse button) Flip backwords, go stealthed and move realy fast! Hold down RMB to backflip and be invisible to enemies (stealth mode) for 3 seonds. During this time you can move faster. 

Shinning Star - When your basic attacks hit they build up to 3 rings around your Neon Ninja these are a visual to let you know you have 3 shurikens to throw. To throw them you have to be in stealth mode and press LMB. You will notice that you have to Aim the retical onto the enemy for them to hit (be mindful of line of sight as they won't go through blocks or scenery). 1 Ring = 1 Shuriken, 2 rings = 2 Shurikens and 3 rings = 3 Shurikens. It's good practice to get to three rings and then fire your shurikens as it deals a lot of damage however it will only hit one enemy.

Level 3

Stasis Blade - Charges forward dealing damage to any enemy it touches and roots them in place for 3 seonds. This is great for when you get a group of enemies and you need to control them as it gives you some breathing space. It has a high energy cost so be wise and try not to spam it. You will do far greater damage using your basic attacks + Shinning star in Shadow Flip even it only does hit just one enemy. The only execption tho this is when you fight Jelly worms that split into 2 small ones and minion enemies that have fairly low health, 2 stasis blases should finish end them quickly.

Level 5

Final Technique - Turns your attacks into ranged attacks for 5 seconds and also refreshes the roots caused by your stasis blade, a good strategy for when you have a lair/dungeon boss surrounded by minions is to group them up, stasis blade them and immediately use final technique from range and annhilate them. This has a 40 second cooldown.


Surviving and gearing up.

Your best offense is your offense. 

I have found the Neon Ninja to be a bit of a glass cannon, what I mean by that is: you deal a lot of damage but you also take a lot of damage in return. When gearing up you should be favouring items that allow you to do more damage and attack faster because the quicker your enemies die the less damage they can do to you.

Personally I haven’t had much a problem with this as I’ve been fairly lucky with damage and high health regeneration items, still be ready to hit that flask when you take a big hit (q).

You can dodge incoming ranged attacks or bombs by pressing Shift and the movement key you wish to direct your dodge to.

Final thoughts

The Neon Ninja is the only class I have played so I cannot compare it to others but I thoroughly enjoy playing it and if you do find that you struggle, give it some more time because it's a bit of a learrning curve. Big damage, low defense, no heals makes a challenge but with time and practice you can hone your neon ninja into the ultimate fighting machine.


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