Advanced Guide For The Neon Ninja

August 4, 2015 by [Deleted User]

Hey I'm Fuzy a fellow Trovian. I am an early beta tester and loved the release of the neon ninja. People say it is weak but i believe it can do the most damage under the few trickster. This will be for advanced neon ninjas so i wont be going over the skills because if you are an advanced player why would you need to know the skills that you already know xD. Enjoy the guide!!!!!

At first you would have loved the neon ninja and wanted to *main him* and be the best. Then as you go into later levels you will see how squishy he is and how low damage he puts out.  Well you must not be using the passive or the rest of the skils right.

M2- use it to get behind the enemy as in 1.5 seconds you will be unstealthed also use your shurikens from your passive to deal a whole lot of damage

1- Utilize this in a Shadow arena or dungeons to snare all of the enemies. Remember it is a 3x10 AoE snare so you will have to time it right. There have been countless times where i have missed one of my snares and have ruined the whole SA/Dungeon.

2- If you are using this ability, please dont use M2 it will stop this prematurely as it says on the wiki

Tips- USE 1 THEN M2 TO BACK AWAY WHEN USING 2, it will snare them then you will be at a fair distance to aim and deal the aoe damage that is suposed deal.

Build- The build i like and run currentyl is-

Hat- Max health, Movement Speed(I use this do get behind the enemy fast with M2), % health, Attack spd

Weapon- Phys Dmg, Attack Spd, Jump, Max health (I use max health so i can sustain better)

Mask- Max Health, Health Regen, % health, Attack spd

Ally- Rapt Bezerker (I use this bc 20% damage and this passive to me is better than prowling shadow)

Notes- Attack speed on all items is essensial because you are a friken ninja

% health and regen is essensial because you would be squishy as heck

The Emblems i use is Martial and Berzerker for insade atk spd and dmg


Good luck and i hope you enjoyed my guide!!

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