The Neon Ninja Guide - Stats and Allies.

August 1, 2015 by TeeKayM

The Neon Ninja

Written by TeeKayM.

The Neon Ninja is a class that is not very often used in higher Ubers for the simple fact that a lot of people find it confusing to use.

I'm here to give you a few tips on what stats to use and what allies to use to make life easier for you.

I have also made a video discussing a lot of things in this guide so make sure you check it out here

Firstly I am going to go ahead and describe the abilities of the Neon Ninja for you.

Shadow Flip

Press M2 to use the Shadow Flip. This will flip you into a stealth mode where your movement speed increases and the enemies cannot see you for a few moments. This will also allow you to shoot your shurikens which you got from the Passive ability. Attacking the enemy will unstealth you, so use it wisely!

Stasis Blade


The Stasis Blade will freeze your enemies into place for a few seconds, allowing you to attack and build up your shirukens. It also deals damage once used.

Mark Of Death

 The Ultimate ability for the Neon Ninja is the Mark of Death which allows you to attack at long range, dealing lots of damage to crowds of enemies. The projectiles pierce enemies, so make sure you line them all up when you're about to shoot them

Passive: Shining star


For each successful hit, you can obtain one shuriken, hitting numerous enemies with one assault can help you obtain a shuriken for each hit. You can have a maximum of 3 shurikens at a time.

You can go into Shadow Flip mode and press M1 to shoot your shurikens. Each shuriken does around 2 or 3 times your normal amount of damage.


Allies to use:

Feisty Flamedancer

Since the NN utilizes a lot of energy to keep itself alive this ally might be your best bet. The Feisty Flamedancer gives you a lot of energy regeneration and also +10 maximum energy. On Top of that, it also has a chance to drop a healing pill when you damage enemies (this chance is quite high). I personally use this because I feel the need to use a lot of energy on my NN. However, if you don't feel the need to use that much energy, read on for the next types of allies you can use.

Rapt Berseker

This ally is all about that damage. Use this ally if your NN has a decent amount of energy already built in with its stats. This ally will grant you 20% more (physical) damage. It is perfect for those who want to get the job done fast

Samantha or Prowling Shadow

Use these if you want to be extra tanky and really regenerative. These two allies are very similar because for every hit, you gain some of your health back. This can help keep you alive a lot if you keep dying a lot.


Stats to use:

Physical Damage - Probably really obvious, you will need a lot of physical damage if you want to even want to do some damage. A class is nothing without damage.

Health % - As much as possible. It will keep you alive. Try to get Health % instead of Maximum Health.

Energy Regeneration - Will help you a lot as the Neon Ninja uses a lot of energy. I suggest around 200 Energy Regeneration is good. But again, that's just my personal playstyle. If you don't feel like Energy Regen is useful, feel free to switch it for something else.

Movement and Attack Speed - I like to be able to move around and attack really quickly. I feel like attacking faster helps you to build more shurikens faster and aditionally deal more damage.

Anything else is good to have but not necessary.

I built this guide based on personal preference. Feel free to use what suits you best, you don't have to follow everything here.

I hope this helped you.


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