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July 7, 2015 by Trove Forums

Launch is coming: on July 9th, to be precise! With it comes the launch on Steam and the release of our latest class, the Tomb Raiser! But until then, we've got plenty to entertain you with!




  • You can now choose to play on the EU servers from Glyph, use the drop down in the upper right.
  •  EU players will automatically get sent to EU adventure worlds when entering an adventure portal. You can still join other players if you're NA or EU, just expect it to have higher latency if you do. You can use /region to see what region your world is in.


  • You can now click and drag in build mode to place multiple blocks at a time.
  • In build mode, the mouse wheel now rotates the block being placed.
  • In build mode, a red block is now shown when attempting to place a block in an invalid spot.


  • Added dungeon icons to fog of war in the map. You can now see where lairs and dungeons are located in explored areas!
  • The compass now shows large dungeons and recipe lairs.
  • The world map now shows recipe lairs.


  • Chat messages now have a right-click menu for the sender where you can: Add them as a friend, invite them to join you, ignore them or report them for spam.
  • You can now report players for spam
  • The text for different club channels now have text in various shades of green.


  • New Mastery rewards through level 200 have been added to the game!


  • Added support for gamepads!
  • The controller currently must be connected before starting Trove.



  • The newbie objectives have been adjusted and there are a few new ones.
  • If you haven't completed objectives that are required to be completed in the tutorial you will now be prompted to go back to the tutorial world.
  •  New players now select their starting class at first login.


  • Chaos Chests have been randomized! Launch week wingstraveganza!
  • Pricing has been updated to account for currency conversion rates. This means things will cost more Euros and Pounds.
  • Credit packs now cost one cent less in American US Dollars.
  • The Patron Pass is now live! This grants a ton of nice bonuses, including +2 Chaos Factor. You can buy 15 and 30 day versions in-game and recurring versions via the Glyph website.


  • Added increased ranks of badges and rewards for the following categories:
    • Quests Completed
    • Blocks Destroyed
    • Boxes Opened
    • Consecutive Days Logged In
    • Total Days Logged In
    • Fishing
    • Updated collections categories.
  • Samantha the black cat is now worth 50 mastery points.
  • Up through mastey rank 30, Cubit rewards are now 500 and have replaced the Credit rewards.


  • Improved projectile targeting for ranged classes.
  • Enemies now aggro the Fae Trickster's clone, the Pirate Captain's Pretend Pirate, and the Tomb Raiser's minions whenever they are in range, instead of just when they're spawned.
  • The Fae Trickster's decoy, the Pirate Captain's Pretend Pirate, and the Tomb Raiser's minions now have a short window of invincibility after receiving damage.
  • Most explosive player abilities now do much reduced block damage. The Boomeranger is the exception.
  • Fixed bug where Dracolyte is sometimes unable to use abilities in dragon form.
  • Fixed bug where Dracolyte familiar could disappear until changing classes or relogging.
  • Spikes (thorns) affix no longer debuffs the Fae Trickster's basic attack.


  • If your Chaos Factor increases after receiving your daily Chaos Chests, you will get your additional chests on your next login, instead of having to wait until the next day.
  • Increased the range in which player receives loot.


  • The Deconstructor is now known as the Loot Collector, to better reinforce its function to new players.
  • The Bounding Boot ally can now be crafted from the Nautical Assembler in the hub.
  • Multiple stacks of items in your build inventory will now be properly counted when crafting.


  • Changed the Featured Club World portals into a heart shape to distinguish them from other portals.
  • Made the "Runner Up" Featured World portal white to distinguish it from the Novice Adventure portal.
  • Updraft now in the hub!


  • Many NPC abilities do much less block damage.
  • Sky portal should no longer require a level to enter.
  • The healing pylon boss ability now spawns less frequently, heals less frequently, and takes fewer hits to destroy.
  • Reduced the damage of fireball traps.
  • Reduced the duration of flamethrower traps and lava effects.
  • No longer will loot sometimes fall through the world when opening a chest or placing a block on top of it.
  • Ore now spawns less often in Novice and Adept worlds.
  • Created a new "Quest Completed" portal for completed dungeons.
  • Added delay to healing pylon so it doesn't heal immediately upon spawning.


  • Changed the collections window default keybinding from I to Y.
  • Changed the liked worlds default keybindings from Y to L.
  • When setting a control binding that conflicts with another you are now given the option to swap these bindings.
  • Usage text now appears on inventory tooltips.
  • Pressing escape when the system menu and main menu are open will now close both them at the same time.
  • Having the main menu open will no longer stop the mouse from being recaptured when entering a portal.
  • Fixed the last member in the Club roster being cut off.
  • Hotkeys displayed in the HUD are now updated immediately after rebinding in Settings.
  • Tooltips and some other UI strings that reference hotkeys now display the hotkey that is currently bound instead of being hard coded.


  • Increased client stability.
  • Fixed a rare crash due to race condition.
  • Implemented various server improvements.
  • Fix bug where you would sometimes move at mounted speed while running and vice-versa.
  • The client will no longer queue multiple join me requests from the same player.
  • Fixed a bug where other clients could crash after a player died while mounted.
  • Fixed bug where mining laser didn't collide with workbenches.
  • Fixed a really annoying bug where the mining laser could target blocks behind the player.
  • Blocks will no longer sometimes mysteriously reappear after being destroyed, or disappear after being placed.
  • Spikes created by the Death Knight's spike bomb and the Boneblade Wraith's spike slam are no longer lootable.


  • If you enter a shadow portal EU and NA players will get sent to separate worlds.
  • The Dark Infineon wings don't look right.
  • Gamepad Support: Some PS4 controller buttons are not currently mapped correctly.


  • Boomeranger's Double sword attack has new sound.
  • Ice Dragon Frost Breath audio polish.
  • Boss Gravity Well audio added, Boss magic Beam audio added.
  • Cactus men & golems mob sounds added.


  • There are now some new default styles to enjoy.
  • An assortment of new uncommon and rare face and hat styles have been added to the game!
  • New VFX for the Winter and Dark Boomeranger costumes.
  • All placeable objects now use the placement shader.
  • New VFX for the Ghost and Master of Commanding Pirate Captain costumes.
  • Added a new feather effect to the thrown parrot.
  • The models for Laden Sleigh, Snowball, and Disblock board have been changed to look less like certain other in-game items.
  • Dragon breath effects should now be fully in sync with their breathing animation.


  • Pearlescent Pinions wings have been added to badge rewards
  • Midnight Mantle wings have been added to badge rewards.
  • Dark Infineon wings have been added to badge rewards.
  • Aquabatic Ailerons wings have been added to badge rewards.
  • Infineon Charger, Radiant Rainmaker, and the Striding Starchaser have been added to badge rewards.


  • Controller buttons are remappable only directly in %APPDATA%\Trove\Trove.cfg for now. You can change the stick sensitivity using StickSensitivity in the [Input] section (defaults to 1.0).
  • You can remap any button within the [Controller_Shared], [Controller_Adventure] and [Controller_Build] sections.
  • Use this format: BUTTON_NAME=ActionName (ex. BTN_A=Jump)
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