The First 5 Hours

July 6, 2015 by Etaew


Trove is an exciting land filled with endless dungeons and expansive, procedurally-generated environments – basically, it means no matter how far your journeys take you, you’ll always find new terrain, new enemies, and new loot! But with the wide open road ahead of you, where do you start?



Tutorial QuestsTop ^

Our in-game tutorial will guide you through just about everything you need to know in your journeys, in addition to introducing you to some of the unique features that make Trove shine!

  • Combat – Learn what to attack, how to attack, and how to dodge attacks.
  • Collections – Find out how to collect blocks, loot items, equip styles, and mine ore.
  • Classes – Earn currency (Cubits) to unlock alternate classes and learn how to swap between them.
  • Cornerstones – To learn more about Cornerstones, read Trove Unboxed: Cornerstones.

The HubTop ^

Once you’ve picked up the basics, you’ll be introduced to the Hub. The Hub provides access to important features. This is where all of your journeys will begin, and you can always travel back here by holding H.

  • Adventure Portals – These multi-colored portals are found in the Adventure Tower in the Hub and allow access to Trove’s many worlds.
  • Club World Portals – The Hub also contains a collection of featured Club Worlds – huge, player-created realms!
  • Trading Posts – Use a Trading Post to safely trade or sell items with another player.
  • Class Changers – These will allow you to swap between unlocked classes or unlock new ones.
  • Gone Fishin’ – Visit Saltwater Sam to pick up a fishing pole, bait, or designs to craft your own boat. Salwater Sam won’t leave you high and dry! Drop in for all your nautical needs.
  • Barbershop – Customize your character at the Barbershop by changing up your hair style, hair color, eye color, and more!

Adventure PortalsTop ^

These portals lead to Adventure Worlds where players can collect materials to build or craft unique homes (known as Cornerstones) and fight Shadows lurking inDungeons and Lairs! Adventure Worlds are categorized by level, so you can face enemies that offer the right difficulty for you.

These worlds are all procedurally generated, so you’ll get a wide variety of environments to explore. Each different ecosystem is called a Biome. Read this handy overview to learn more about Biomes.

Dungeons and LairsTop ^

The compass at the top of your screen will let you know whenever you’re near a dungeon, represented by a stone tower. Trove’s dungeons and lairs offer players a chance to test their mettle both solo or cooperatively to defeat enemies. Storm the dungeon alone or charge in with fellow heroes and beat the boss. Everyone gets credit for the kill and everyone gets their own loot.

Each boss drops a loot chest after being defeated. Destroy the chest to uncover the loot inside and press E to collect!

CraftingTop ^

Throughout Trove’s many realms, you’ll pick up materials that can used in many crafting recipes. To create these masterpieces, go to the Crafting Bench in your Cornerstone. As you explore the world and defeat baddies, you’ll unlock more advanced tools to create better items and upgrade your gear.

ClubsTop ^

New players can join a Club or form a new Club of their own by crafting a Club Card. Once you’re in a Club, teleport to your Club World at any time by holding theP key. Work together to build the kind of world you want to spend time in. To see some of the amazing Club Worlds our players have created, check out some of our previously featured Cubic Creations.

Something for EveryoneTop ^

If you’re a new player, the tutorial will not only teach you about Trove, but will allow you to collect Cubits to spend on the Trove Store to unlock additional classes, purchase powerful flasks (to heal up or regain energy), and pick up cool mounts.

The tutorial is here for you too, experienced Trovians! Progress through the quests, as a new player would, and you’ll also earn sweet, sweet Cubits to use on theTrove Store!

Trove is your world. There are no limits to what you can accomplish with time and creativity! The tutorial provides an understanding of how the game works and allows the freedom to experience the game on your terms. Try it out today!

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