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Azure Dragons Guides

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Dragons are obtained by rewards for completing challenges, they can be upgraded from an ally to a mount, to a mount with wings and further.


Thanks to IcysGaming.

Collect Dragon Souls

Complete challenges...

Challenges are activities in Adventure Worlds that are active for the first 20 minutes of every hour.

They involve completing lairs and dungeons in a specific biome for points.

Bonus Points:

  • x3 Specific Class
  • x3 Uber 5 Adventure World
  • x9 Uber 6 Adventure World get Dragon Caches which contain Dragon Souls...

Challenge Tiers:

The more points you earn in challenges (within 4 tiers), the more Dragon Caches you receive.

You have a time limit of 20 minutes to complete a tier, and advance to the next one. Reaching a tier will immediately reward you with the Dragon Cache reward.

Tier Points Dragon Caches
Bronze 10 2
Silver 40 2
Gold 100 3
Platinum 300 3


Adventure Worlds below Uber 5

  • Without bonus class
    • Complete 10 lairs (10x1) for 2 Dragon Caches.
  • With bonus class
    • Complete 4 lairs (4x3) for 2 Dragon Caches

Dragon Cache's contain:

... Dragon Coins and Dragon Essences can be converted into Dragon Souls...

The Dragon Crucible crafting station can be found in the hub, or if you have an old Draconic Workbench they will also work.


  • Dragon Coin x1
  • Azulian Dragon Essence x3
  • Golden Soul x1
  • Glacial Shard x50

To produce Azulian Dragon Soul x1

 ...use Dragon Souls in inventory...

Azulian Dragon Souls can be used in your inventory directly to create and apply upgrades to dragons.

Azulian Dragon Ascension

The stages of upgrading your Dragon. Souls required are totals, 40 are the maximum you need.

The progress of your Dragon can be viewed from the Badges category of the Collections window.

Stage 1: Azulian Dragonling

Stage 2: Azulian Dragonling

Stage 3: Azulian Dragon

Stage 4: Azorian the Blue

Stage 5: Spirit of Azorian

  • Type: Dragon Spirit (passive stat gain)
  • Item: Spirit of Azorian
  • Requires: 40 Azulian Dragon Soul

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