Flasks - Emblems and Vials

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June 9, 2015 by Jeanolos

What are Vials? What are Emblems? How do I get them? How do I use them? What are some tips for using them? Jeanolos has put together a guide to answer these questions.

How to Vial or How to be OP with Drinking

The character sheet shows which flask and emblem are equipped

What are Vials?Top ^

Flasks are used, to heal the player. Additionally, they can apply positive effects on the player, when emblems are equipped. Each flask has charges and a healing factor, which varies from which vial you use. At beginning, you start with an Elysian Flask.

When you click on a slot in your character sheet to select vial or emblem, you can select them from the collections menu

What are Emblems?Top ^

Emblems are items, which add effects to flasks. These can make you do more damage or even summon a little chicken. At the beginning, you shouldn’t have any emblems, but they can be unlocked by buying in the shop.

You purchase flasks and emblems from the Trove Store

How do I get vials and/or emblems?Top ^

All vials (except the Elysian Flask) and all emblems can be bought in the Trove Store for either Credits or Cubits, starting at 750 Credits or 6500 Cubits up to 2000 Credits or 20000 Cubits.

Flasks appear on the hotbar and acn be used by pressing Q

How do I use vials and emblems?Top ^

To use a vial, you have to equip it by opening your Collections, selecting the Flasks tab and clicking on the vial, which you want to use. After you have equipped your vial, you can use it by pressing T.

Vials can’t be used directly, but they’ll enhance your vial. To use an emblem, you have to equip one first. Open up your Collections windows, select the Flasks tab and equipping the emblem you want to use. You only can equip 2 emblems at the same time, so be careful when you choose them.

Refill flasks at Rejuvenation Stations

How do I refill Flasks?Top ^

Press E near a Rejuvenation Station from the hub or Shadow Arena, or if one has been crafted in your cornerstone or club world.

Tips on using vials:Top ^

  • Try to keep your vials for boss fights, as these are harder than regular fights and you have more vials to use, when you get low-life
  • Don’t use vials, if not necessary or else, they’ll run out very quickly

Useful builds for vials:Top ^

Chicken Power:

  • Vial: Elysian Bandolier
  • Emblem 1: Shadow Shrike Emblem
  • Emblem 2: Martial Emblem
  • Description: This combination spawns a shadow chicken, which scales with your physical damage and simultaneously doubling it, making the chicken very strong

Supporting Supporter:

  • Vial: Elysian Jug
  • Emblem 1: Restorative Emblem
  • Emblem 2: Soothing Rain Emblem
  • Description: This combination is perfectly made for supporter roles and/or tanks! It heals you by 100%, boosting your further health regeneration as well as healing your nearby allies

Bloodsucking Archery:

  • Vial: Elysian Bandolier
  • Emblem 1: Vampiric Emblem
  • Emblem 2: Repulsing Emblem
  • Description: This combination will push foes away from you and giving you life steal, making it a nice build for ranged classes, if they get on low health
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