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May 27, 2015 by Dusty_Mustard

The new system has now split up forging among all three forges (those of you used to using the advanced forge for everything now needs a regular forge as well). This has created some confusion with some current players (and newer players may need to know this), so here's a quick and dirty guide - I'll try to update with more information if needed.


ForgeTop ^

Used to increased forged level (eyes, flux, and forged souls)

  • Each rarity of gear now has 5 different forged levels. Resplendent and below requires flux only, but starting at Shadow 1 you need both eyes + flux.
  • Once you've leveled a piece of gear to the 5th forged level, it is possible to upgrade that rarity using a perfect prism (to a max of Shadow 1).
  • There are now 4 different levels of shadow gear(Shadow 1 through 4), each with 5 forged levels.
  • Forging shadow gear requires both flux and eyes. Forging from Shadow 1 to Shadow 2 requires eyes and flux, but advancement from Shadow 2 to Shadow 3 and Shadow 3 to Shadow 4 require twice/thrice-forged shadow souls.
  • Twice-Forged Shadow Souls can be obtained by deconstructing Shadow 2 gear (same for Thrice-Forged, except with Shadow 3 gear).

*Note: While you can forge up from Shadow 1 to Shadow 2/3 in order to obtain the Forged Shadow Souls, you may be better off waiting to deconstruct dropped Shadow 2 and Shadow 3 gear. This will save you a lot of flux and eyes!

 Advanced ForgeTop ^

Used to increase * bonuses on stats (pearls) OR lower level requirements (twinkling tomes)

  • Using a pearl on a piece with 3 stats will add a 4th random stat.
  • Using a pearl on a piece with 4 stats but not 8* will add an additional * bonus to those stats; 1 pearl per * (10% for the first * on a stat, an additional 20% bonus for the second *)
  • Using a twinkling tome on a piece of gear will lower the level requirement by 1.

*Note: If you are having issues adding stats/*s using pearls, relogging should fix the issue. If that doesn't work, unequip the item and drag it into the forge from your inventory. 

Chaos ForgeTop ^


Used to reroll the bottom two stats on your gear (tentacles and flux)

  • Rerolling only affects the bottom two stats displayed in the forge. This is not the same as the stat order you see when mousing over gear in your character sheet or inventory so double check before you roll!
  • Rerolling is now final. You can no longer choose to keep your old stats vs. locking the new ones, so be forewarned, there's no going back unless you keep rolling!
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