Gardening Guide

May 27, 2015 by Dusty_Mustard

Gardening is a profession that allows you to grow decorative plants, create sponges to gather water for club worlds as well as allow you to grow steed feed to create mounts. Beyond this, it allows you to increase your Mastery by a very relevant amount which unlocks very valuable things.

Gardening allows:

  • Creating flowers decorations.
  • Creating Steed Feed required for crafting certain mounts
  • Mastery Points for each rank of Gardening

Full Seed List

To see the full list of seeds in the game client, you can check out: 


There are several ingredients for Gardening. Most of them are found adventuring in various zones, while one called a Sunlight Bulb can only be found in dark green areas on the map and is only used for gardening. The area you find it is called the Peaceful Hills.

The Peaceful Hills area does not contain monsters or Dungeons except Shadow Invaders that spawn there. Instead it contains portals to Alpha Club Worlds as well as Sunlght Flowers as seen below.

You spend some time attacking each bulb to aquire the Sunlight Bulbs. Some people prefer a class like the Neon Ninja for their speed to clear these, others use things like the Fae's Bomb. Basically you want a attack ability that has AOE (Area of Effect) to clear the Sunlight Bulbs.

Tier ProgressionTop ^

To progress through Gardening you have 5 tiers to complete to reach the final 6th tier.


The first tab is very simple. You have two items to create Sponges and Compost Heaps.

To create Sponges you gather Mushroom Chunks and Glim. Create at least 45, you will need many more in the future of your career but this is needed for the next item on the build list or progression.

To create Unripe Compost Heaps, take your Sponges and go to a Adventure world's Sea. Equip the Sponge in like you would a bomb or a ball and throw it at water, it will return to your inventory as a Water block that can be placed in a Club world or used in Gardening.

You will also need Mushroom Chunks and Glim. Make at this at least 45 times with the 45 water you made earlier.

Once you have made Unripe Compost Heaps you must grow them in light either on your cornerstone, or in a club world you have build permission in. They take 1 hour to complete.


While the first row of plans allows you to craft Compost Heaps which are usable throughout your entire Gardening career, Dabbler is only really useful for making Lava sponges, so you may gather lava at an Adventure world and then place it in a Club world.

You need Shapestone from Mining in Adventure worlds, as well as Glim. Make only enough to complete the Dabbler tier and move onto the next.


This is the same story as the Dabbler row, except this time it is with Plasma Sponges to allow you to place Plasma at your Club world.

Creafting is different for Plasma Sponges, you need Formacite from mining as well as Robotic Salvage from Neon City, in addition to Glim. Make only enough to complete the Enthusiast tier and move onto the next.


This tier is the one you will use for the rest of your time playing Trove. This tier allows you to craft Steed Feed.

To craft Steed Feed you need Rich Fertilizer which is made with the Compost Heaps found in the Newbie tier, as well as Snlight Bulbs found in Peaceful Fields. Since the goal of this guide is to max Gardening, only make enough to max the Gardener tier for now. When you are finished maxing Gardening for the Mastery bonus you will return primarily to farming Steed Feed.

Green Thumb

This tier is useful in that you can make Bottles, Stumps as well as Cupcakes.

Progression through this tier is based on what resources you have. Besides Rich Fertilizer and Sunlight Bulbs, you have plant choices that can require either Primordial Flames, Bleached Bones or Faerie Dust. Make only enough of each to complete this tier and move onto the next.


This is the last tier, you now done with leveling Gardening!
Once you are ready, this last tier also allows you to construct the springy sporeling.

Additional Info to be added soon regarding Seasonal Gardening.

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