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Monster Bash Update

May 19, 2015 by Trove Forums

The Monster Bash patch arrives today introducing the new Boomeranger class, updates to Flasks, updates to boss abilities and other changes.




  • Master of bow, blade, bomb, and boomerang, the new Boomeranger class is well suited to take on any challenge!


  • Flasks are now split into two parts: vials and emblems!
  • You can now equip one vial, which grants health and number of charges, plus two emblems. 
  • Emblems grant special powers when you use your flask.
  • The new emblems are:
    • +50% energy regeneration for a medium duration
    • +100% health regeneration for a medium duration
    • Double physical damage
    • Area of effect friendly heal
    • Area of effect friendly energy regeneration
    • Reduce cooldowns
    • Summon a physical damage scaling shadow shrike
    • Basic attacks lifesteal for a medium duration
    • Increase attack speed and movement speed for a short duration and automatically attack
  • We've also added a new vial that automatically triggers when you are about to die.
  • All existing flasks have been converted to the appropriate vial or emblem!
  • The starter vial, formerly the starter flask, has been reduced in health by 10% and quantity by 2, to 8 charges, and 40% health restoration.
    • If you find yourself low on cubits, more golden thread objectives are coming and will let you unlock a better vial soon!


  • Boss monsters now have more variety in the special powers they spawn with! You will now die in more interesting ways. Boss monsters can now:
    • Spawn a copy of themselves with lower health
    • Pull you in
    • Shoot lasers
    • Shoot a bullet nova
    • Stop you from multi-jumping
    • Spawn spiders
    • Spawn mushrooms which you must destroy or be over-run
    • Have a damage shield that turns on periodically



  • The Adventure Pack is now live! It features the Boomeranger, both Costumes, and 7 flask unlocks.
  • Chaos Chests have been randomized! It's a party week: party it up with some party animals and club phones. Or a ladybug. There’s also a rare chance for some Stormcaller's Wings!


  • Spikes, flamethrower traps, and fireball traps have had their damage reduced.


  • The maximum Mastery level is now 160. Sit tight, new rewards are coming in a future update! If you max out before then, don't worry: all rewards will be granted retroactively. 


  • Tired of dragging stuff out of your chest in order to craft? Us too! Crafting will now use items in your personal chest, as well as those in your inventory. 


  • When buying from NPCs, currency will now be magically whisked from your personal chests!


  • Unlocks granted through codes now work correctly.
  • Added /fov to temporarily set your camera's field of view. 
  • Fixed typo in Candorian Caterpillar's flavor text.
  • Fixed a bug causing death sounds not to play in some cases.


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