Meownt and Candy Fishing Edition Patch Notes

April 13, 2015 by cantafrond

Arriving on 4/14/15, this week's patch is a bit more robust than last week's anemic update. Included are some fishing nerfs, new fish to catch, ship cannons, changes to Tentacle of Q'bthulhu drops, and a Treasure Isle dungeon from developer Grumpntug.



  • Chaos chest has been randomized! It's Meownt preview week! If you want a Meownt (and you do, probably more than one) open some chests. 



  • Shadow giants now drop tentacles.
  • Increased the max players per spawn in adventure worlds from 6 to 8. 
  • Treasure Isles now spawns lairs more spread apart.



  • Adventurer's Eggster Boxes no longer drop. Adventurer's Phoenix Boxes will now drop randomly from NPCs defeated and dungeon and lair chests. These have a chance of containing the rare Truefire Phoenix or Balefire Phoenix mounts when opened. 
  • Shadow Caches now drop tentacles more frequently.



  • All ships have increased acceleration and turning rate. 
  • Ships now have cannons and oceans have buoys to shoot.




  • Fixed a bug where Neon Ninja could get a never-ending speed buff after a Shadow Flip.



  • You can now craft the Candy Fishing Pole!
  • There are now chocolate fish.
  • There are now rare enchanted fish. 
  • Fishing sometimes now fishes up (completely useless) old boots.
  • Uncommon fish are slightly more uncommon.



  • Improved the aiming display when throwing.
  • Fixed bug where all recipes in the Collections window show 0 mastery points.
  • Fixed a fishing bug where you could get stuck after reeling in.
  • The multi-transfer prompt is now shown when dragging stacks of items into the Deconstructor.
  • The consecutive days logged in and max consecutive days logged in stats should work now.
  • Fixed a bug where fishing lures cast into the abyss in Radiant Ruins weren't refunded.
  • Fixed a bug where you got no fish when fishing with your last lure.
  • New VFX for the Shadow Hunter - Relic of the Past and Dead Shot costumes. 
  • Treasure Isle styles now drop in Treasure Isle zones and can be unlocked by the Style Surprise. 



  • New Treasure Isle dungeon from Grumpntug.



  • New Fae Wilds dungeon from KtlavskoX. 
  • New Fae Wilds dungeon from Psychobeans. 
  • New Fae Wilds dungeon from Eririka. 
  • New Dragonfire Peaks lair from Laegh. '
  • New Dragonfire Peaks lair from Talitayn. 
  • New Neon City lair from PokeyBloke. 
  • New Undead Hills lair from MajorTom. 
  • New Undead Hills lair from Milambit.
  • New Fae Wilds lair from Barneebrown and Cheeser.
  • New Permafrost lair from BrianVII.
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