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Cookiephant Edition - Patch Notes

March 16, 2015 by Trove Forums

This patch features four new mounts, including two new crafted corgis and two colors of FriedSushi's excellent Cookiephant mount. There's also a few new Knight skins in the chaos chest this week from player submissions (Bone Knight and Elysian Guardian) which will come to the store the following week. Both have some great new VFX, helms, and weapons.

Overall this week we've really taking adventuring up a notch with more lairs and more loot. There's the adventure box, more loot from dungeons, and just a ton more lairs in general. Read on for the full list of changes!




  • Cookiephant adventure boxes are live! 
  • These are a new type of loot box that will rotate over time. Once they rotate out they may come back in the future, but likely not for some time!
  • They drop relatively commonly from monster kills, and only slightly more often from quest chests. 
  • They commonly drop glim, flux, and other adventure resources. Uncommonly drop random style boxes and eyes of Q’bthulhu. And finally, they rarely drop the Blue and Pink Cookiephant mounts!



  • Players now have 2 jump by default!
  • Update to hub! Added a pirate store building, and updated the trending world building.
  • You will now enter a hub world at the start location.
  • Ally: Samantha has leveled up, and now has more stats. 
  • Fixed a bug where some players received "World not found" when invited to a world by a player marked as Offline. 
  • When leaving a world, you will now relinquish your claim to any cornerstones. 
  • We'll now drain the login queue a little more slowly after server updates to prevent what appear to be client lockups. 
  • Sick of your old, tired cornerstone? Use /clearcornerstone to get rid of all of the clutter and get a new, shiny, blank cornerstone! (Note that all items, blocks, and everything else on your cornerstone will be permanently deleted and will not be refunded!)



  • Clubs logs will now be listed with the most recent logs last in the console window. 


  • Base attack damage for basic attacks has been notably increased. This should make early levels easier if you’re mostly using basic attacks to defeat monsters.


  • Smash now applies a brief stun. 


  • Shadow Vendors should now accept interactions from all players, not just those who opened that particular Shadow Portal.


  • Many more lairs now spawn!
  • Recipe lairs now only spawn at U1 and up.
    •  Note: The exception to this is Permafrost biomes, where recipe lairs still spawn at any level. This will be corrected in a future update.
  • Recipe lairs now spawn more often!
  • Dungeon chests now drop two pieces of equipment! Rejoice!
  • Random signs should no longer show up in Frontier lairs and dungeons.


  • Fixed bug where the teleporter boss affix was incredibly broken and triggered all the time.



  • You can no longer use middle mouse button in place of the left mouse button in the UI.
  • Switching worlds when in builder mode will no longer result in the placement object showing, even though you're in adventure mode. 


  • Lots of visual love for the hub!
  • Contact shadows and block damage now fade with fog. 
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the sun would draw in front of clouds.
  • Fixed clipping issue with sky when deep underwater.
  • Sovereign Spire hat style should now sit more centered on character heads.
  • Minor issue with Rod of Northern Skies's model was fixed.


  • Fix a bug where wind sounds sometimes stop while gliding.


  • New Dragonfire Peaks lair from Lazy_Kyu. 
  • New Dragonfire Peaks lair from Stedms and Zoe. 
  • New Dragonfire Peaks lair from Yeron.
  • New melee weapon styles by Kratori, Rercon, Neverlast, Fizzinc, Erudito, Aodahn, 0R305, TNT_101, Shjohn, Equinoxide, Byoo, Sotilis, magicbat, AceGonzalez, Kukui, Kariaro, Rokiux, Horrormallow, Revoniel, Volfide, DaveOverload, Thunderised, and Vinyll have been added to the game! 
  • New hairstyles by PinkNekoGirl, Cechoo, Fhilian, and tmahwk have been added to the game 
  • Plasma Fences, Hedges, Pipes, Formicite Ore, Ladder, and the Diagonal Rope decor pieces have all had their models fixed. Thanks Elpix!
  • New decor by Ocgineer, Cutterx, Mikabella, Blinky, Insaint, Meowsifer, Qoaleth, CloBunny, PsicoVoxeL, Doberman, Gooball, TehRedReaper, and Demondice has been added to the game!


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