The monsters dressed up for Carnival!

Are you Trove experts? Would you recognize a monster in disguise?
Let’s do the test, because some monsters disguised themselves in the forum for Carnival.

Check out the disguised monsters every day from 11:01 pm UTC following this post and search for them in the game. Take a photo containing the monster along with your character and name shown in the screenshot.

Post your screenshot in this thread, every day until 10:59 pm UTC. Every valid participation receives 10x Dragon Coin per day. To make the whole thing more fun, we’re giving away 1x Streamer Dream to every player who successfully participated on all 7 days.

Conditions of participation:

  • The general rules apply to this event.
  • You can only participate once per forum account and player.
  • You have to enter your character name, your platform, your region, including the screenshot with your character, IGN and the correct monster, in the entry post.
  • Your screenshot must not be edited / revised.
  • The deadline for participation in the event ends at 10:59 pm UTC each day.
  • The team members’ decisions are final.

Good luck to everyone!

Best regards,
The Trove team!

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