Spread some joy with a Cute-Topped Carrot

January 7, 2021 (updated 1 week ago) by Etaew

To spread some joy around during difficult times, the gamigo team are sponsoring some Cute-topped Carrot allies to be given away. Share a picture of your gaming buddy and a reason why you want them to receive a code.


  • Upload a Trove screenshot of your gaming partner and share a message about the kind of activities you do together

Please note that you can only enter this contest once.

If you don't have a gaming partner that needs the ally, you can enter yourself, just show us your character doing something :)


  • Thursday, January 7, 2021 to Monday, January 11, 2021


  • The first 25 responses will receive a code for the Cute-topped Carrot
  • Following the first 25 responses, an additional 25 responses will be selected at random on the final day to receive a code for the Cute-topped Carrot

How to enter

  • Make sure you are logged into Trovesaurus
  • Press the upload image button at the bottom of this page
  • Upload a file from your computer, or select a direct image URL
  • Important: Add a caption and explain your choice of image, who is this person and why are you nominating them
  • Press submit


Phase 1: The first 25 to reply, names added as I review the page

  1. octarock
  2. 1337hackerdu77
  3. TheOtter
  4. TFMHisztike
  5. MightyBlaze
  6. DinamoCzO
  7. MeowyMeow
  8. TheCreeperRobot2
  9. Boonimation
  10. Danchikkk
  11. Vyloth
  12. scycee
  13. Kirstine
  14. deathlollipops
  15. ImaginedFantasy
  16. st_lord
  17. MemchikGame
  18. Jdcarmelo
  19. Motaran
  20. Mondragon1313x
  21. artifigure
  22. Danchiks_
  23. manas16

Phase 2: random 25 selected on Jan 11

We didn't get enough entries to hit phase 2, the remaining rewards will be moved to a future giveaway.


Mining with my best mining drone ally inside unknown lava caves.

manas16 January 11, 2021

I play myself, so I need a carrot to make it more fun)

Danchiks_ January 11, 2021

the lone wolf My gaming buddy is my ally. As I'm mostly a person who either farms alone or with a different variety of people, i don't have a real person as my gaming buddy. My most favorite activity is talking to other people on the Discord and farming gems, doing geode or delves. As i couldn't decide which activity where i should post, i decided to go with a cool pose. I hope you like it! ign: Doppelflinte

artifigure January 11, 2021

Me and my friend Pod 042 fishing

Mondragon1313x January 10, 2021

After a hard day of home repairs, my brother and I go to distant lands, where I help him with good things and farm experience, because it's much more fun together. Fishing, growing vegetables, killing mobs, all this helps to relax.

Motaran January 10, 2021

Me and my friend thinking of a club name XD (the screenshot was from my friend's perspective)

Jdcarmelo January 10, 2021

Me and my friend Bob are dancing near the water because I just reached level 30 :D

MemchikGame January 9, 2021

I play myself, only my pet pleases me)

st_lord January 9, 2021

I'm odd in that I tend to play solo most of the time, but I still have fun exploring~ Here I am fishing for jadefins for the dragon, only ~600 to go!

ImaginedFantasy January 9, 2021

Waiting for the club owner on the baratie to go on an exp adventure on u-10 geode with!

deathlollipops January 9, 2021

I'm glad I found Trove on steam because I got to play it with my friend. I hope he doesn't see my entry. I'm shy 😂. Here's a random picture of us 😂

Kirstine January 9, 2021

My friends currently don't play trove, so GRYPH, my skellittles, and Saltwater Sam have been my closest companions. Taking small steps in this game along with in real life to get stronger :)

scycee January 9, 2021

Me and my gf , we started our adventure on trove just a few days ago, been having a blast so far! <3

Vyloth January 9, 2021

The fastest Dino Tamer on a wild geode topside

Danchikkk January 9, 2021

This is my portal themed character. I hope you guys enjoy my creation >:3

Boonimation January 8, 2021

I like to spend my time with my Turtle mount in the Drowned Worlds

TheCreeperRobot2 January 8, 2021

Dance party with Baby Ganda after a hard day of farming

MeowyMeow January 8, 2021

blue team

DinamoCzO January 8, 2021

here is me and my friend puck dancing in da club.

MightyBlaze January 8, 2021

Etaew, the only person i let to carry me and play together :p

TFMHisztike January 7, 2021

my friend agarz is great i grind with him every day (he sent me this image)

TheOtter January 7, 2021

Always together for farm in Trove! Crystalline Core & More in Uber 10

1337hackerdu77 January 7, 2021

My good Buddy Oramist all been there to support me And help me with rewording stuff and fixing spelling when I need help.

octarock January 7, 2021

For TFMHisztike for having my back with weird ideas!

Etaew January 7, 2021

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