Community Survey 2020 Congrats!

Congratulations Trovians!

The community survey results are in and it turns out we are all winners! Some of us are lucky to get extra rewards though, so if you’re interested in that, check out the listings down below.

The Trove team has read through thousands of responses and found tons of amazing feedback from you all! It’s wonderful to hear you sharing your love for Trove along with a bunch of creative ideas and constructive criticism.

Together we learned that most favored monthly events are Shadow’s Eve, Sunfest and Lunar Plunge. We also found out that there are many avid Delvers among you who seem to have a love-hate relationship with The Hive Delves floor.

Rest assured, the Trove team is taking a very close look at your survey suggestions and will take them into account for future updates. Again, we would like to thank you for your participation and can’t wait to hear your feedback on what the future has in store for Trove! Be sure to share your thoughts over forums, social media, and discord – now let’s take a look at the prize winners!

1x Golden Dragon Effigy
123tomex321 PC
Drakolyth PS4EU
Repent PC

1x 250 Dragon Coin Boost
Glutt PC
Linkzyz PC
mcnally86 PC
TheDreamingOwl PC
game1150 PC
bkiraly PC
Mosus PC
Warrior23025 PS4
Chickenbyrd PS4
JBA_Avalon PC

The survey rewards may take several days to be granted.

Congrats again to everyone, thank you for helping make Trove the best!

The Trove Team

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