Get Your Glitter On! Sparkly New Sale Until Oct. 12

Go for the glow and shine like no other! It’s time to get your glitter on.

Make the crystal clear choice and see how much you can save until next week. Crystal caches, Glittering horseshoes, and more marvelous offers are on sale for a short time only.

Get 34% off select sale items:

  • Greater Crystal Cache
  • 11 Greater Crystal Caches
  • 33 Greater Crystal Caches
  • 10 Lapis Luckbugs
  • 50 Lapis Luckbugs
  • Ninth Life
  • 6 Ninth Lives
  • 10 Glittering Horseshoes
  • 50 Glittering Horseshoes

Open up lots of loot and take advantage of these deals from Tuesday, October 6th at 4:00am PST / 11:00 UTC until Monday, October 12 at 4:00am PST / 11:00 UTC.

Don’t forget to upgrade your gems or collect more crafting materials before the specials are gone!

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