Club Leader Spotlight - Debitron (PC/Saphilia)

September 5, 2020 (updated 3 weeks ago) by Etaew

This time on Club Leader Spotlight we talk to Debitron who leads Saphilia on PC.

Thanks to Steedfeed for organising this interview.

What can you tell us about yourself and your club?  

My real name is Marco and I go by the name of Debitron in Trove. I'm 18 years old and was born and raised in Germany with German as my main language.

I've been starting to play games at the age of 8 and used to play Pokemon edition red on my Gameboy advanced back then (great times ^^). Other than playing games like Trove for over 4 years now, I love going out for dinner with friends since I value good food a lot!

I'm the President and Founder of Saphilia, which is currently the top 5 spot on the club PR leaderboard. Its a different mix of people, reaching from end-game players, all the way to newcomers. In Saphilia we are offering people a fun and nice place to hang out and chat with each other, 
so its mainly a community-based environment, which is the best kind of club in my opinion.

Where does your character name and club name come from? 

It originally came from the game Spiral Knights when I was 10 or so and had to pick a name and since I liked Transformers a lot at that time,
 I decided to go with something, ending on "tron" and Debi just randomly came to my mind.

Saphilia was called Wuppertal at first, which is a place in Germany, but once I wanted to make the club international, I renamed it to Twilight Sanctuary, which it stayed like that for 3 days and after that got renamed to Saphilia since I liked the club name of a friend called Reinhald on Trove, who's club was called Saphillia. Seems like I stole it but he was fine with it, trust me haha.

What's your favourite part of Trove?  What keeps you coming back?  

Definitely the community. There's a reason after all, why I've decided to open a community-based club, since the people I've met here, were mostly really nice and welcoming towards me back then and still are, which I haven't really experienced in any other game as much as in Trove.

Special shout out goes to ZeroTwo, NinjaDad and Lava_ for always being kind, helpful and supportive towards me

How did your club start out?  When did you start being responsible for it? 

As a private club for me and my german classmates to hang out in. We were 5 people in total and had a great time back then when everyone just started out.

I've been responsible for it at the very first second since I've opened the club alone and later on got them to start playing trove and invited them to it.

Have you managed club/guilds in other games?  

Not that I recall. I've mostly been an officer of some sort in other games but never been leading my own club except for Saphilia.

What motivates you to continue to manage a community on Trove?  

I've come a good way if I can say so, and spent thousands of hours on this game and club while meeting new people and being able to maintain a fun place for our members. To meet new faces is really awesome of course. Other than that it's probably cause I feel responsible about the club and the members of it.

Which other clubs would you like to highlight and why?  

I'd like to highlight Altaria since I feel like that club deserves a lot more recognition and appreciation then it currently has, since its a really nice place to look at, with some of the best buildings I've ever seen on Trove. It's managed by AirRider and _FutureHero_and a really peaceful place mostly wich cant ever be replaced by another club. \o/

What are the most challenging things about running a community on Trove?  

For me, that would probably be, that I always try to make everyone happy and enjoy being with us, which is pretty hard to achieve sometimes.
I'm a little perfectionist in some way, and being able to give everyone a good time is really important for me.

Of course everyone has their moments, but I try mostly to stay positive about things and carrying those thoughts over to other people,
can be pretty challenging sometimes.

Are there any club members or particular builds in your club world you would like to highlight and why? 

As far as members go, I'd like to highlight everyone that's been among the first 20 members and still is with us l today, like Reinhald for example as well as ZeroTwo or Poor.

I'd also like to highlight my staff team and especially KatieBae, Synth, and Chandrelien for being very supportive, nice and helpful over a long amount of time.

For Saphilias buildings, I'd have to thank _FutureHero_ and AirRider for building most of Saphilia, while I helped a bit here and there. If you haven't visited the club world before, you should definitely give it a go! The buildings are all made on a really high level if I can say so and the new spawn area is my favourite since it's really cosy but also has a lot of room at the same time.

How do you like the current club building and management tools and what would you like changed?   

Other than having a search bar which lets you search via IGN, I have no complaints and everything works fine.

How do you find the club adventures and fixtures? 

If placed and integrated/customized well, they can look pretty good, but other then that, I saw them randomly standing around in many club worlds before which looks not too that good, but there's also not the option to hide them.

What advice would you give to people looking for a club or thinking of starting a new club?

Don't let yourself get too influenced by the club ranking. In the end, it's the people inside a club that count and not the power rank they have.

Of course, joining a high ranked club will let you get in contact with more experienced players, but I think a good mix of people is important to really enjoy a club and the time you spend chatting in its club chat.

For those of you that are thinking about opening their own club, you will have to be really passionate and "filled with determination" to get it somewhere. Having friends with you that help you, is really important since I would have lost the motivation without them at some point. And you'll also need a ton of clubits and people that do club quests for you if you're aiming for decent fixtures in your club.

In case you only want a place to chill out with your friends, like my first intention was with Saphilia back then, then that won't be a problem at all obviously.

Is there anything Trovesaurus can do more to help support your club?

Trovesauraus has already given me the possibility to highlight my club on here, which I'm really honoured and thankful for. 

I couldn't ask for anything more than that, so thanks for giving me this opportunity!

Saphilia's Discord -

Thanks to everyone that's been supporting me over the recent years and hope ya'll are having a nice day/night!

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