Trovesaurus Development Updates - July 2020

August 31, 2020 (updated 2 months ago) by Etaew

We continue our catchup for the Trovesaurus Development updates articles, here are the changes that we made to the Trovesaurus site during the month of July 2020. We've been a bit bad about posting the changes in article format during the past few months, but you can always view up to date changes in the #changes channel of the Trovesaurus Discord.

Let us know what you think about these changes and if you have any suggestions for things you would like us to work on, write in the comments or in the #trovesaurus-website channel of the Trovesaurus Discord.

Site Performance

This month we struggled with site performance, and with no reports to indicate what was causing it we took several months to optimise the site.


  • Fixed an issue where it took a second or two to start listening to menu clicks by adjusting the load order of the javascript
  • Only loaded images when they were being viewed on a few more homepage tabs
  • Mod packs now remember how many mods are included in them to prevent having to check each time
  • Slowed down some of the internal tasks to see if that helps ease our performance issues, this may result in slow Discord / Twitter announces
  • Massively reduced the database calls to generate pages, specifically getting translations and user settings
  • Split the front page feed posts away from news (combining those results were adding some extra loading time to home page)
  • Video searches no longer scan the description, only the titles of videos
  • tags now make use of local and database caching reducing db queries and processing
  • Individual likes will no longer show if they are above 40, popular mods were a bit painful
  • Heavy database related news articles and guides are now cached
  • Removed the old format download links for mods
  • Disabled the random word in the art idea generator
  • Added pagination to the code claims comments section, showing 1578 comments at once was a bit much...
  • You now have to be logged in to use the tag test area
  • Condensed the strings browse page
  • removed old functionality user badges / trove toolbox metrics / online status on user profiles / market values / forum tracking stats / models
  • removed an obsolete query slowing down a profiles art page
  • Unified field and table collations and storage engines

Trove Tools

  • The mods list that powers Trove Tools is getting very large and since Dazo isn't able to update the application I've made the following changes to help reduce pain when loading the application by reducing the information I send to the client
  • Only display mods with more than one download, and more than one likes
  • No longer send mods that have been accepted
  • Only display the latest version, and not the full version history
  • No longer populate the "status" field
  • The mods list cache on Trovesaurus now lasts for 5 minutes, up from 1 minute



  • The search feature now includes results that match site comments


  • We can now link a Pack to a specific event, so you can reach the event and the pack when being viewed

Club Adventures

  • When selecting an adventure to report, the default hours will be filled in


  • new tag [modresults=list,of,mod,ids] will output a list of mods similar to the browse mods page
  • new tag [artresults=list,of,art,ids] will output a list of art similar to the browse gallery page
  • changed tag [arttag=tag-ids,not,to,include] the art tag display now accepts a list of art ids to exclude


  • The item obtain field now displays who submitted that information
  • Item pages now look up news, content and guides
  • Item pages - used as ingredient section now puts the recipes behind an accordion because they can be quite long
  • Item pages with lots of paged content is now limited to 9 initial display, with a show more button to show the rest
  • Item videos tab now has pagination


  • Trending Mods: Removed the Day tab, added All Time tab, increased results per tab to 10


  • You can no longer like your own art, stop, it's weird!
  • Added pagination to art on a class page
  • Artists can now remove any versions from their art history that they don't want to keep around


  • Mag Rider rigs have been split on the Trovesaurus site only, to board/car/dance, this has not changed in-game


  • logged in users can now edit the icons on the top right of the navbar, replacing the discord and twitter icons with other parts of the site
  • Click the 3 dots to open the configuration page
  • its recommended you use 6 or fewer icons to prevent the bar spilling over onto two lines, but there is no limit
  • if there is a part of the site you regularly use and want to pin an icon to the bar but it isn't supported yet, let me know


  • You can now send a request to have your Trovesaurus account deleted from a button on the edit profile tab

Home Page

  • Posts made in #📜news on the Trovesaurus Discord will now feature on the front page of Trovesaurus (when we fetch them)

How to Get Started With Trove Modding

Working with PotatoeUnicorn we released a series of videos to help introduce new players into modding for Trove.

See: for more information



  • We've spent the past few weeks preparing a new mods page
  • The side navigation has been condensed and moved to the top
  • Mod previews are now larger, and include inline comments and likes
  • Mod packs now loads quicker and is more condensed, as well as now indicates whether its closed or open pack
  • Mod submissions are now less tabby and more condensed
  • Added a Mod Tools tab to bring together various parts of nav menus that will soon be going
  • Adjusted the appearance of the modders tabs, including adding the most recent mod, and the number of published / accepted mods
  • Added a new tab for My Mods and Packs, giving you a clearer overview of your mods in their various states
  • Added a Recent Activity widget to the My Mods page which shows comments and likes on your mods in date order


  • Previews now let you click on the filled in blue comment icon if you have commented on the art to remind you of what you said
  • fixed an issue where the highlight badge was missing from the art preview tag
  • Previews now have a new icon when there are challenge notes and dev comments, click them to view the comment


  • Some of the icons at the top of the site have been changed from in-game icons to standard icons
  • Added Creations to the nav bar, it was lost when the mods dropdown was removed (more work on navbar soon)
  • Deco page now has a side navigation with full bench names
  • Removed the mods and fan art tabs from the home page
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