Delves - PC Hotfix 11 - July 28, 2020

Hey Trovians,

PC is back online now after a Delves hotfix!

Thank you all for celebrating 5+ years of Trove with us for Sunfest! Our team continues to work on upcoming events, bug fixes, and new content for our favorite game, Trove.

In today's PC update, there are improvements to messaging, trophies, inventories, delves, and more. In the future, we'll look to add these and other changes onto consoles when we are able to.

Here is a small summary of today's Patch Notes:

  • Improved messaging when an item in claims cannot be claimed.
  • Club pinatas from completing club adventures will now go to the inventory if completed in a non-adventure world.
  • The Moonlight Bulb description has been updated.
  • A Mysterious Trophy Case can now be found from Delve boss chests. These contain many different types of trophies, including some that were previously only available on Luxion!
  • Starting on September 7th the delve leaderboards have been rearranged to take up the 4th row.

Bug Fixes:
  • The Waxy Wanderer should no longer rarely go in to the geode inventory.
  • Challenge delve portals should no longer open a depth 30 private delve.

Stay safe and have fun Trovians!

Best wishes,
Your Trove Team
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