Database Update Review - Delves PC Hotfix 11

August 3, 2020 (updated 6 months ago) by Etaew

This is a spoiler-heavy review of the client changes in the latest database update. Please be warned.

Anything not yet released is also subject to change from the Trove Team.

Information taken from

Trove Anniversary

Prepared Adventurer's Pack

Sporty Stack

Dressy Dragon Pack

August - Lunar Plunge

Stars are falling and its time to make a wish!

Quest reward: Spectral Starlotyl mount.

Moon Goddess's Goody Bag

September - Pirates vs Ninjas

Pirate Captains and Neon Ninjas are duking it out. Help Qubesly calm things down!

Quest Reward: Captains Quarry

Pirate's Pack of Ninja Treasures

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