Lunar Plunge - Quest Chain

August 4, 2020 (updated 4 months ago) by Evilagician, Ylva,

Main Quest Chain

#0/6: Reach Mastery Level 10 to Unlock this Event Adventure (0)

Rewards: Confetti Ball 1

#1/6: Find Fallen Stars (3)

Lunar Plunge 1/6: Trovian, something weird is happening. The invaders that bombard our planet every so often have stopped. Some shiny new substance is falling from the sky instead. Q'bthulhu isn't one to slow his assault so something must be up. Please investigate this and let me know what you find. Be careful though, Trovian, I have heard reports of side effects when picking up the Stars.

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

  • Fallen Stars can be found on the ground in Fae Forest biome.
  • In all other biomes you will have to wait for them to fall.

#2/6: Create a Wishing Focus (1)

Lunar Plunge 2/6: What is that? It looks dangerous... but powerful! Head to the Radiant Dayspring in the hub and see if you can't turn that into something more useful.

Rewards: Wish Scroll: Jump 1

#3/6: Make a Wish (5)

Lunar Plunge 3/6: Can anyone hear me? It is I, Elsphodel, The Moon Goddess. I have been lost in the void for so long, reaching out, trying to find life again for an eternity. If anyone hears this, make a wish with a wish scroll to help me find you and find the light.

Rewards: Lunar Soul 5

#4/6: Sow a Seed of Joy (1)

Lunar Plunge 4/6: You can hear me! You're a Trovian! Please, child, I need to get back to you to wake my sister. Plant a Wishing Tree Sapling in your cornerstone so I can feel where you are in the universe. You can save me and I can save everything.

Rewards: Lunar Soul 3

#5/6: Help the Tree Grow (3)

Lunar Plunge 5/6: The tree, protect it. Water it and keep it safe. I am starting to feel you in the universe.

Rewards: Spectral Starlotyl

Watering cans on watering mounts WILL NOT work on the tree sapling. You need to use Wishing Focus you made in previous step to water it.

#6/6: Ride my Stead and Spread my Story (0)

Lunar Plunge 6/6: I know where you are now, Trovian, and I'm on my way. It will take time for me to arrive but you have done so much to help. I will never forget your assistance and you will be exalted in my sister's eyes once she is reawakened.

Rewards: Lunar Soul 3

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Luv this quest!

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when will this event be active on console? 

Is this across all platforms? PS4 does not have this event. 

Event doesn't seem to be active on PS4 at this time. Hopefully it will become available at some point today for PS4.