Let’s celebrate the beginning of summer with some music!

Summer starts on June 21 – but that’s not all! Many countries celebrate the Day of Music on this day!
A great celebration for all musicians and music lovers!

In Trove, we also celebrate the music that cheers us up when we are not doing so well!

Solve the riddle consisting of music and find the place in the hub.
Then, go to that place in the game and take a screenshot of it, along with your character.

The screenshot must show the place, your character and your character name!

Post your screenshot until June 28th, 2020 at 14:59 PT/21:59 UTC/23:59 CEST in this thread and you have a chance of winning nice prizes!

Conditions of Participation:

  • The general rules apply to this event.
  • You can only participate once per forum account and player.
  • You must indicate your character name, server platform, region and post your answer including the screenshot showing your character, your character name and the place in the post of participation.
  • Your screenshot may not be modified/edited.
  • The deadline for general participation in the event is June 28, 2020 at 14:59 PT/21:59 UTC/23:59 CEST.
  • The decisions of the team members are final.

Celebrate summer with us in Trove!

Good luck to you all!
Your Trove Team

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