Delves - PC Hotfix 7 - June 16, 2020

Dear community,

Our servers are back online!

Our dev-team was not inactive - even though the sunny weather is very appealing - and they prepared some hotfixes for Delves!

We'd like to thank you all for reporting bugs that you find in-game! Thanks to you, our devs can step in very quickly and improve our gaming experience in Trove!

The following patch notes are only affecting the PC version. Here is a brief overview of today's patch:

  • Players invited to a private delve between the appearance of the cursed skulls and the appearance of the ready station portal will now be offered teleports to the boss in deeper depths.
  • The Dharmic Dynast and Empress's Eminence hats have had their blueprints updated.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be mistakenly removed from the public delve queue.

Thanks for your patience!

Happy gaming and have fun in Trove!

Best wishes,
Your Trove team


Delves - Hotfix 7 pour PC - 16 juin 2020

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